When vegans celebrate

FFor the average consumer, the animal-friendly life of a vegan must have held similar appeal to dry bread until recently: limited appeal. Almost everyone now knows some of them, at least the vegetarians, and the old prejudices are melting like hot butter. Even more: veganism is now flourishing in all cultures in the noblest of all diets.

Even dog owners, for whom feeding raw meat is the only option for a species-appropriate diet for their four-legged friends, can now read in “Plos One” magazine after assessing the fate of 2,536 friends of four legs than the fully carnivorous Dairy Free Housemate ages healthier than its rumen-bashing conspecific. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently named plant-based nutrition the gold standard for climate-friendly lifestyles, and when it comes to our own nature-friendly well-being, Bonn nutrition researchers demonstrated a few months ago that vegan food: apart from the increased consumption of water, it is now clearly superior to Mediterranean cuisine.

Of course, the British ornithologists at the University of Bath have provided the final proof of vegan wisdom. The weaver birds of Africa are your role model for exemplary veganism. Famous the world over for their intricately spherical spiderweb nests, these African songbirds come in two versions. Some breed in colonies in the trees of the savannah and feed almost exclusively on grains and seeds, others prefer the protection of forests and constantly chase insects, which are only allowed to enjoy their carnal existence for the blink of an eye. of evolution.

Fifty-eight years ago, British behavioral scientist John Crook had the glorious idea that these differences might not be accidental: that diet, habitat, and social preferences might be related. Ornithologists have now presented statistical evidence for a good hundred of the 118 species of weaver birds in the “American Naturalist.” Vegans are therefore, in a nutshell, the most socially acceptable companions. Which has consequences: Grain-eaters don’t just breed together, they also swarm, and inspired by this sense of togetherness, this also gives them even more sexual partners.

And because the myth is still being spread that vegan food leads to ugly malnutrition, this also needs to be mentioned: because the bridal market is so competitive in the flock of birds, so are the seed tasters’ feathered suits. they take on a more extravagant appearance than those of carnivores. So vegans are more beautiful and their daily life is one big celebration. Veganism definitely does not make you feel alone.


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