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Workshops for climate and animal-friendly nutrition

Vienna (OTS) The first thing you need to know is what kind of nutrition is good for the climate, the environment, your own health and the well-being of animals: the city of Vienna is starting a new educational approach as part of its “Vienna is GUT” program. with effect.

An important communication tool is the new FoodTrailer of the city of Vienna, which is now in use and stops in front of schools, for example: This fully equipped trailer will now be on the road for workshops in schools or, for example, in cooperation with the Wiener Tafel.

Inside the FoodTrailer there is everything you need to cook together in an informative and fun way: a combined steam oven, two induction hobs, work tables, a presentation screen and an “after” panel that shows the origin of the food and the impact on her. the weather is conveyed in a playful way. The FoodTrailer also has a photovoltaic system that allows sustainable and energy self-sufficient operation for several hours.

The “after that” initiative will also offer workshops in the FoodTrailer, for example cooking together, a fruit and vegetable contest, on the question “Where do mangoes come from?” or on the topic of climate change in general.

“The educational aspect is particularly important for us in this context: It is never too early to convey how good and tasty healthy, sustainable and animal-friendly food is,” emphasizes Jürgen Czernohorszky, climate councilor for Vienna. “After all, the tastes of our childhood and adolescence accompany us throughout our lives and also have a corresponding effect on our environment. This can make a significant contribution to a comprehensive shift in the direction of environmentally and climate friendly food handling.”

Stops at WeltTellerFeld

One place the FoodTrailer will always stop is the WeltTellerFeld next to the small town farm in Donaustadt. As an interactive place of learning, the 3,500 m2 publicly accessible WeltTellerFeld shows the area and the agricultural crops that are necessary to cover our annual food consumption.

The division of the field makes it clear where our food comes from (domestic 35% – foreign 65%) and for which areas it is used (animal feed 54% – direct consumption 46% of the area). The categories are further divided into groups of individual crops (wheat, maize, vegetables, etc.).

The WeltTellerFeld is a project that the Vienna Nutrition Council is implementing in cooperation with Kleine Stadtfarm and the organization Bread for the World and with the support of the City of Vienna – Environmental Protection.

“SchoolFood4Change”: healthy for people and the planet

The FoodTrailer is part of the “SchoolFood4Change” nutrition education approach, which is funded by the EU. Here, 43 organizations from 12 European countries work together under the coordination of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability to bring together all the key stakeholders in the field of school restoration around one table, from students, parents and teachers, farmers, cooks and canteen workers. experts in sustainable food sourcing, nutritionists and local businesses.

The sustainable nutrition initiative “Vienna is GUT”

The nutrition initiative “Vienna eats RIGHT: GRAMhealthy and nice yourenvironmentally and climate friendly – Tierfair” was decided by the Vienna State Parliament in January 2020 and includes all activities of the city of Vienna that lead to comprehensive, sustainable and fair handling of food. The aim is to support a shift towards sustainable nutrition, climate-friendly, healthy and animal-friendly, and involve all levels: from politics, administration, producers, food trade to consumers.

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Press photos for this mailing will be available soon at www.wien.gv.at/pressebilder. (ending)

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