With these tricks you will be able to recognize the best strawberries in the supermarket – nutrition

– The small red fruits should ideally always be fresh, sweet and juicy. But how can you know that the strawberries are really high quality? We have compiled here tips so that consumption becomes a pleasure and choose the right strawberries when buying.

Slowly but surely, it’s time for strawberries again! In the greenhouses in Knoblauchsland, the harvest started in early April. Outdoors and in home gardens, the peak season in Germany starts at the end of May, also depending on the temperatures and the variety grown. The start of the season for self-harvesters in Franconia also varies from year to year. Knowing about strawberry season also helps with the first essential shopping tip: shop regionally.

Strawberries from the region are harvested when they are ripe, which has a positive effect on the taste. Strawberries from abroad are often harvested unripe because they have long transport routes to Germany.

Not only the condition at harvest and the way to the consumer are different, the varieties are also different. “We attach great importance to taste,” says Andrea Boss of the traditional Franconian company “Erdbeer Boss” in Knoblauchsland. Boss points out that overseas strawberry exporters should not only focus on taste, but also varieties with a longer shelf life.

How do I recognize fresh strawberries?

“They’re a beautiful red and they smell intense,” says Boss, recommending examining the fruit carefully before purchasing. The green sepals at the top of the fruit should be juicy green and definitely not dry. Also, the strawberries should not have any dents or bruises. To make sure the strawberries aren’t moldy yet, it’s helpful to look at the bottom of the bowl, because that’s where the mold spores spread first.

Strawberries are so healthy.

Although strawberries are made up of about 90 percent water, they still contain many good ingredients. Approximately two handfuls (about 200 grams) are enough to cover the daily requirement of vitamin C for an adult: lemons and oranges are not enough. The folic acid content and the content of the minerals potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium are also particularly high. Strawberries also contain antioxidant polyphenols.

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