You can eat them without worry.

Tomatoes, red wine, cheese: there are many foods that people with histamine intolerance do not tolerate well. Experts explain which alternatives you should use instead.

Histamine is a messenger substance that plays a role in various reactions in the human body. Among other things, it is used in the immune system to defend itself against pathogens. However, in people with so-called histamine intolerance, it also promotes allergic reactions, which can vary in severity. The reason for this lies in the small intestine.

Therefore, they should avoid foods that are high in histamine, including wine, beer, nuts, chocolate, tomatoes, and aged cheese.

Tips for a Low Histamine Diet

Instead, they should eat histamine-free or low-histamine foods. The Institute for Nutritional Medicine at the Technical University of Munich has compiled a list of these. Experts recommend the following for a low histamine diet:

  • types of fish such as mackerel, herring, anchovies, and tuna, are best avoided. It is better to use fresh or frozen fish rather than smoked, dried, salted or canned fish.
  • milk and milk products such as cream cheese, quark, and butter cheese instead of hard cheese, camembert, mold cheese, and Harzer Roller. Prefer young cheeses to long-aged aged cheeses, the highest content of biogenic amines is found in the rind area.
  • boiled sausage and boiled sausage prefer raw sausages (salami, Mettwurst, Cervelatwurst) and raw ham as well as Landjäger.
  • vegetarian food (Vegetables, salads, cereal products) contain little histamine, except for sauerkraut. Therefore, sauerkraut should be avoided.
  • Foods rich in other biogenic aminessuch as bananas, pineapple, papaya, nuts, cocoa and chocolate.
  • Also, avoid Foods that release stored histamine in the body or you can activate; These are: strawberries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, alcohol and shellfish.
  • Limit alcohol intake. Small amounts of white wine, sparkling wine, and pilsner are better tolerated than red wine or wheat beer.

Anyone with histamine intolerance should prefer fresh, unprocessed, or lightly processed foods.

High-protein perishable foods, such as fish, meat and dairy products, should only be eaten fresh. This means that the cold chain must not be interrupted. It’s best to set your refrigerator as cold as possible: five degrees Celsius or less.

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