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Although we are living longer and getting older compared to previous generations, your body changes with age. Here is the Aging is a complex process that cannot be stopped. It is influenced by many different factors. These include, for example, your personal living conditions, numerous environmental factors, but also genetic hereditary factors and your lifestyle. It is common knowledge that one healthy nutrition, regular exercise, as little alcohol consumption as possible, and enough sleep help maintain your health, well-being and physical performance for as long as possible. However, because metabolic processes change over time, adequate vitamin intake becomes increasingly important with age.

This is how your body changes with age

Some of the changes in your body as you age are quite obvious on the outside. Gray hair, less elastic skin, a tummy or a slightly less dynamic walk. Other changes are more internal. The muscle and bone mass decreases, the tendons are no longer as flexible. You may also notice that over time you can no longer see or hear as well and that it becomes more and more difficult to remember things. These are all perfectly normal symptoms of aging.

Of course, that doesn’t sound very good. But even if your physical ability declines with age, it doesn’t automatically mean that your quality of life also declines. especially yours biological Age does not necessarily match your actual age I have to. There are a number of things you can do to keep fit even in old age.

Here you can prove your biological age!

Over 50: Your Body Needs It Now

According to the medical journal, one in four people in old age is with B12 vitamin depleted This vitamin is particularly important for cell division, blood formation and nerve formation. Age-related changes in the gastrointestinal tract it can hinder or even prevent the absorption of this vitamin from food. Vitamin B12 is found in animal products such as meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, and dairy products. Even if this vitamin can be stored in the body, the body depends on a regular supply through food.

basically support B vitamins your metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as the metabolism of brain, muscles and nerves. Also, they are for yours. blood formation, your immune system and the Fight inflammation in the body. important. Therefore, a deficiency has several negative effects on your body and your well-being. Also Vitamin D It is one of the vital vitamins whose production in the body decreases with age. becomes overbearing formed under the influence of light. However, because mobility decreases with age and outdoor activities are done less frequently, there may be an insufficient supply. The supply of Vitamin D combined with calcium It is recommended for the prevention of osteoporosis. Vitamin A It is primarily known as the “eye vitamin” and is important for vision. Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables (for example, broccoli) are good sources.

vitamin C fights harmful free radicals in the body and helps protect the immune system. Although citrus fruits like oranges or lemons always named as the main supplier, there are some types of vegetables that surpass them in terms of vitamin C. They also come predominantly from local crops, such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and kale. In addition to vitamins they are also Minerals such as magnesium, sodium, zinc and trace elements of iron, iodine and zinc indispensable. For example, iron supports oxygen transport in his body and assumes functions in the Formation of hormones and important messenger substances. Iodine is an essential part of thyroid hormones and promotes cell division and tissue growth. Zinc supports healing of wounds and it is also important to strengthen your immune system.

Diet, water, exercise and sleep.

about one balanced diet with mostly fresh ingredients it can provide your body with all the important vitamins and nutrients. If you add 2-3 liters a day drinking water and you something every day Movement gnst, then you have already done a lot for your well-being. As a general rule, therefore, it is not necessary to help with food supplements. Also, you must give your body enough To sleep let it regenerate.

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Dietary supplements it can help both people over 50 years of age and people with certain diseases, such as chronic inflammatory bowel disease, to cover the greater need with a less balanced diet at the same time. However, dietary supplements should not be taken carelessly as they can cause unwanted side effects such as kidney damage. Water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C or B, are generally safer in overdose because they are easily excreted through the kidneys or urine. However, too high a dose of vitamin B, for example, can cause Gastrointestinal disorders and dizziness Lead. Fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D or E on the other hand, they are deposited in the body. Taking too much into the body through appropriate preparations can cause nausea, headaches, or drowsiness and dizziness.

So before you want to consume vitamin preparations or dietary supplements, you should first consult your family doctor.. A blood count very quickly reveals whether there is a deficiency and, if so, what it is. You should also keep in mind that many foods, such as fruit juices, breakfast cereals, or certain yogurts, are already fortified with vitamins. You can find out how much of which vitamins and minerals you need on the website of the German Nutrition Society report.

Reading tip: Eating the right diet can also help lower your risk of developing dementia.

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