Catching up on sports at the weekend: is that even possible?

Updated: 07/07/2022 – 17:52 I have nothing during the week Can I catch up on sports over the weekend? Photo: Getty Images/The Good Brigade Regular exercise keeps you fit and healthy. But what if you only have time on the weekend. Can you catch up on the sport? Actually, the plan was to go running … Read more

With these 5 tips you will survive the midday slump

Updated: 06/22/2022 – 12:05 Fragrances, movement, food. With these 5 tips you will survive the midday slump Photo: Getty Images/Westend61 When the midday slump hits, some people would like to lay their heads down on their desks and get some rest. Anyone who can barely keep their eyes open after eating in the canteen or … Read more

Worse than sugar! These foods prevent weight loss

Updated: 06.03.2022 – 10:04 Chronic inflamation Worse than sugar! These foods prevent weight loss Photo: Getty Images/MarianVejcik Although they are delicious: Some foods torpedo any attempt to lose weight and are also not healthy. It’s not just about the sugar. What we eat affects our health, skin and, of course, figure. To lose weight and … Read more

Jump rope Supersport: this is how my 10-minute training goes

Updated: 05.06.2022 – 12:46 At the best age: Tips from the Ü50 model Fun sport Jump rope: this is how my 10-minute workout works Photo: Renate Zott [M] The “Topage model” and blogger Renate Zott writes exclusively for BILD der FRAU on topics from the fields of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Today she shows how … Read more

Cycling for weight loss: here’s how

Updated: 06/02/2022 – 13:43 Includes BMI calculator Lose weight while cycling: how to burn more calories! Photo: Getty Images/Wavebreakmedia Would you like to lose weight by cycling? This works. Under certain circumstances. Calorie consumption during cycling can be calculated individually. The move is perfect for people who want to lose weight in a way that’s … Read more

Water retention: these foods will eliminate it

Updated: 05/31/2022 – 11:01 Grapefruit, cucumber and co water on legs? These foods will eliminate water retention Photo: Billion Photos/ Although it sounds paradoxical, foods with a high water content such as fruits and vegetables help retain water in the body. Swollen legs and hands are signs of water retention. Often the wrong diet is … Read more

Depression: This diet has a positive effect on the psyche

Updated: 05/17/2022 – 11:17 Especially good whole foods Depression: diet can have a positive effect on the psyche Photo: Getty Images/Maria Korneeva Fresh vegetables and fruits in particular have a positive effect on the body and psyche. Diet can also have an impact on mental illnesses like depression. About 350 million people worldwide live with … Read more

Digestive problems: how proper nutrition helps and prevents

05/10/2022 – 16:23 THAT’S TASTY FOR THE INTESTINES Digestive problems: how proper nutrition helps and prevents Photo: GettyImages/Westend61 A varied diet with plenty of fresh food prevents digestive problems. To a great extent, we can influence the functioning of our digestion. Find out here what role a proper diet and eating habits play. Flatulence, abdominal … Read more

Hering: For these reasons it is so incredibly healthy!

Updated: 04/02/2022 – 20:46 Source of omega-3 fatty acids Hering: For these reasons it is so incredibly healthy! Photo: Getty Images/Western61 Whether rolled up, in a salad or pickled – herring is a healthy delicacy. A healthy diet needs fat, but the right one. Oily fish in particular is particularly good for the body. Next, … Read more

New smartphone models are being tested –

Updated: 03/21/2022 – 18:21 Market news The big smartphone test 2022: 5 phones in comparison Photo: Getty Images/mikkelwilliam How do the new smartphones behave in the test? With the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Oppo Find X5 Pro, there are already two best smartphones for 2022. All other innovations have already been tested. Coinciding with the … Read more

Unhealthy eating: 5 signs that you are eating poorly

Updated: 12/12/2021 – 19:39 Warning signs 5 signs of a poor diet 5 signs of an unhealthy diet 5 signs of an unhealthy diet Weight is not the only indicator of whether daily food choices are correct. These are 5 signs of an unhealthy or wrong diet. show description An unhealthy diet doesn’t just have … Read more

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