What financial advisers are advising clients to do with higher insurance premiums

Accident investigation If repair costs increase due to inflation, the costs for the insurer and consequently for the insured increase. (Photo: dpa) Cologne Insurance brokers have a lot of work to do. Because rising prices are having an impact on homeowners insurance coverage and premiums. Policies are getting more and more expensive. Even the financial … Read more

These are the best insurers in 2022

insurance for cyclists Digital policy conclusions are an important criterion for young target groups (Photo: dpa) Cologne Digital insurer Wefox relies on pure emotion in the competition for attention. The German-Swiss insurtech signed shirt sponsorship deals with Italian soccer champions AC Milan and Bundesliga club Union Berlin earlier this year. Wefox wants to reach existing … Read more

Insurance focuses on prevention rather than settlement of claims

Jogging at the edge of the forest In the future, anyone on the move will be able to receive information about weather conditions to reduce the risk of accidents. (Photo: imago/Westend61) frankfurt Insurance companies intervene when damage has occurred. They help mitigate the financial consequences of an accident, theft or storm. It would be better … Read more

Megatrend creates challenges for insurers

Frankfurt, Munich Owners of Airbnb’s hosting platform have always paid for insurance, they just don’t notice it directly. Insurance coverage in the event of a client falling down the stairs during the stay is included in the global product. A so-called “integrated insurance”. The fact that insurance is offered as a package with other products … Read more

Ampel wants to protect customers from dubious providers

three-phase meter The traffic light is intended to better protect consumers against price fluctuations. (Photo: dpa) Sedan The insurance is designed to protect electricity and gas customers if their energy provider goes out of business and they are locked into more expensive basic service. “All energy providers should have to secure their commitments to customers … Read more

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