Nutrition – Colorful sweet potato teriyaki recipe with salmon – Economy

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – Today is a small crossover for me, that is to say transversal. I love combining different influences when it comes to eating. That always gives a wonderful burst of flavor in the mouth. Today, my recipe consists of many individual components and so, for once, it’s not an “I’ll get home from … Read more

TuS Sundern: new fitness park in Sundern financed

sinners TuS Sundern plans to build a new “fitness park”. The association now receives financial support from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The association TuS Sundern receives financial support for the construction of the “Röhrtal Fitness Park” from the state sports financing program “Modern Sports Facility 2022”. With a total financing of 96,299 euros, 70 … Read more

Nutrition – How to make vegan cream cheese yourself – Economy

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Anyone looking for vegan cheese at the refrigerated counter is not always happy with it. The selection is increasing, but the texture and flavor often leave vegans tasteless of cheese. And ingredient lists sometimes sound like highly processed products. Vegan cream cheese, for example, you can also easily make yourself. … Read more

Nutrition – Recipe for hot dog loaf bread with cucumber sauce – economical

Cologne (dpa/tmn): Placing bread on an open fire? That brings back childhood memories. But let’s be honest: time together in front of the fire, sprinkled with exciting stories, and watching the flames used to be more important than the bread itself, and it used to be tasty, too. This loaf bread is something else entirely, … Read more

Nutrition – Celle – “Not a fun event”: beekeepers need experience – economics

Celle (dpa / lni) – Keeping your own bees is becoming more and more popular, but future beekeepers need to be well trained. “You have to have specialist knowledge,” Otto Boecking, acting director of the bee institute in Celle, told the German Press Agency. “This is not a fun event or a stamp collection.” In … Read more

Danger due to tick bite: expert advises to consult insurance

Oberhausen. Ticks can carry diseases like Lyme disease. Insurers classify the bite as an accident. An expert explains what to watch out for. With the increase in temperatures, the desire to go for a walk in the forest also increases. Back home, sometimes there can be an unpleasant surprise: a tick has bitten. Is this … Read more

Nutrition – What you should know about olive oil – Economy

Munich/Wilstedt (dpa/tmn) – Conrad Bölicke wants to get olive oil out of the “fat corner”. “We tend to compare the extraction of the oil with the art of the winemaker,” says the founder of the arteFakt olive oil campaign from Wilstedt in Lower Saxony. For olive oil taster and author Michaela Bogner from Munich, oil … Read more

No more food for the car – economy

There is a pretty good indicator of what Russia is doing in Ukraine and how that is affecting world energy markets: the price of rapeseed. It had been rising for months, but then, with the Russian invasion, it jumped. And all this quite parallel to the evolution of the price of crude oil. Rapeseed oil … Read more

Wattenscheid 09: “Toro” Lerche on strokes of fate, wildcard targets and his fitness program

Wattenscheid. Dennis Lerche is the man of the hour at SG Wattenscheid. But the emotional striker says in the WAZ interview: “I can’t rest.” Fs jtu cfj efs =tuspoh?TH Xbuufotdifje 1:=0tuspoh? efs Nboo efs Tuvoef; =tuspoh?Efoojt Mfsdif=0tuspoh?- 37 Kbisf bmu- Xjoufs.Ofv{vhboh/ Jo {xfj Qbsujfo efs Bvgtujfhtsvoef ibu efs 2-:6 Nfufs hspàf Bvàfotuýsnfs {xfj xjdiujhf Upsf … Read more

Did the milk run out? That’s what Upländer Farmer’s Dairy says

usseln Less milk is being drunk at a time when the Usseln farmer’s dairy is building a new one for 20 million euros. That is why the dairy remains optimistic. Gsýifs ijfà ft jnnfs; Ejf =tuspoh?Njmdi=0tuspoh? nbdiu‚t² Jtu ebt ifvuf opdi [email protected] Efs Njmdiwfscsbvdi jo Efvutdimboe jtu jn wfshbohfofo Kbis bvg efo ojfesjhtufo Tuboe tfju … Read more

Nutrition – Vegetable proteins conquer the IFFA Meat Industry Fair – Economy

Frankfurt am Main (dpa) – The IFFA trade fair for the meat industry in Frankfurt (May 14-19) is increasingly focusing on vegetable proteins. More than 200 of the 860 exhibitors inform visitors about technologies and solutions for alternatives to meat, according to the Frankfurt trade fair company. The business area with vegetarian and vegan products … Read more

Nutrition – Frankfurt am Main – Vegetable proteins conquer the IFFA meat fair – Economy

Frankfurt am Main (dpa) – The IFFA trade fair for the meat industry in Frankfurt (May 14-19) is increasingly focusing on vegetable proteins. More than 200 of the 860 exhibitors inform visitors about technologies and solutions for meat alternatives, the Frankfurt trade fair company reported on Thursday. The business area with vegetarian and vegan products … Read more

Nutrition – Protecting biological diversity with a knife and fork – Economy

Berlin (dpa) – Whether it is controversial palm oil or cheap meat with a questionable climate balance, it is well known that certain foods are not good for the CO2 footprint. But how does the average German diet affect biological diversity? A new study by the environmental organization WWF sheds light on the footprint we … Read more

Insurance: Amazon is now doing insurance – economics

Online retailer Amazon is taking a big step into the insurance market. In the US, the company launched the Amazon Insurance Accelerator, which helps protect customers against property damage or personal injury when caused by defective products. The partners indirectly include Munich reinsurer Munich Re and major broker Marsh. The news is not well received … Read more

The war could cost insurers dearly – Economy

Insurers have survived the coronavirus pandemic comparatively well, but they cannot breathe easy. The war in Ukraine will continue to have a significant impact on the industry and could become dangerous for suppliers: on the one hand, there will be high insured losses, for example because Russia does not return leased planes to their owners. … Read more

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