Higher protein intake during diet leads to healthier eating: healing practice

High-protein diets prevent lean mass loss Scientific studies show over and over again that high-protein diets can contribute to weight loss. a new to study now provides evidence that a higher protein intake during one diet also to one healthier diet leads and at the same time helps compensate for the loss lean body mass … Read more

Expert reveals: This nutrition plan will get you in shape for summer

There is no one diet or diet that is right for everyone. Therefore, its effect is usually short-lived. Individual metabolism, lifestyle, age, activity level and also the microbiome decide whether a person “tolerates” more or less carbohydrates, fats or proteins. about the expert Dorothea Portius studied Nutritional Sciences with a specialization in Nutritional Medicine and … Read more

Fitness: Run to lose weight: these four rules lead to success

LGetting up is not only good for your cardiovascular system, but it can also help you lose weight. The amount of walking you need to do to lose weight depends on several factors. Among other things: fitness level, current weight, target weight and diet. Here’s a summary of how you can start running and how … Read more

Worse than sugar! These foods prevent weight loss

Updated: 06.03.2022 – 10:04 Chronic inflamation Worse than sugar! These foods prevent weight loss Photo: Getty Images/MarianVejcik Although they are delicious: Some foods torpedo any attempt to lose weight and are also not healthy. It’s not just about the sugar. What we eat affects our health, skin and, of course, figure. To lose weight and … Read more

Eating healthy: the trick can add up to 10 years to life

“Who wants to live forever?” asked the British rock band Queen in their song of the same name in 1986. The desire for immortality is still with us, or is it fortunate? – unfulfilled. Still, quite a few people try everything to live as long as possible. Sport, a healthy diet, not smoking, low stress … Read more

Low glycemic index diet helps lose weight – healing practice

Low-glycemic index diet helps heart patients lose weight It has long been known that a Low glycemic index diet (“Glyx Diet”) on Lose weight to be able to help. According to a new study, this method can also be used by people with heart diseases be beneficial According to a study presented at ACNAP-EuroHeartCare Congress … Read more

BILD fitness program: drop one dress size in four weeks! – Adviser

Lose a dress size in four weeks: with BILD you can do it! Tomorrow (Monday May 23) begins the 4-week fitness program at BILDplus with BILD weight loss coach and personal trainer Christian Blisse. Then the fitness professional provides two full body workouts per week (Monday and Thursday) AND regular nutrition advice that will make … Read more

What effect do cheat meals have on diet success and health: healing practice

How useful are cheat meals? Many people use cheat meals to break up a healthy diet or diet and enjoy a not-so-healthy but tasty meal in between. the Nutritionist Kate Patton of the Cleveland Clinic in the US explains how cheat meals affect diet success and whether they are compatible with a healthy diet. Why … Read more

Live longer thanks to a proper diet: this is how even the elderly can increase their life expectancy

Healthy recipes for aging Can proper nutrition prolong life? 05/18/2022, 09:42 (updated) Many wish for a long life, but only if they remain healthy in old age. What role can food play in this? And is there an age when it’s too late to adopt a healthier diet? The search for sources of eternal youth … Read more

This Diet May Ease Depression Symptoms – Healing Practice

Eating healthy can help fight depression via Switch to a healthier diet relieved the symptoms of depression in a group of subjects participating in a study. The researchers suspect that the effect on changes in the gut flora must be. a working group of Sydney University of Technology in Australia has examined in a current … Read more

The food of the future comes from the sea

March 15, 2022 – 18:05 Watch Jellyfish, the new superfood? by Daniela Halm Sitting on the sofa with a bag of jellyfish chips, can you imagine? Marine biologists and top chefs are already working on preparing jellyfish, because future nutrition could come from the sea. The jellyfish is a perfect candidate for this, it is … Read more

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