What financial advisers are advising clients to do with higher insurance premiums

Accident investigation If repair costs increase due to inflation, the costs for the insurer and consequently for the insured increase. (Photo: dpa) Cologne Insurance brokers have a lot of work to do. Because rising prices are having an impact on homeowners insurance coverage and premiums. Policies are getting more and more expensive. Even the financial … Read more

These are the 35 best car insurance policies

accident 35 rates reach the maximum rating FFF+ (excellent). (Photo: imago images/Shotshop) Dusseldorf The coronavirus pandemic continues to put pressure on premiums for many auto insurers. Because many people continue to work from home, the number of accidents on Germany’s roads has a positive impact on the accident balance: According to the Federal Statistical Office, … Read more

Save money: what insurance you really need and what you don’t

etp disgust ouapltlek. Pell 0990 plup lkle pnlekpekullltlekeu Pnpaepeu tel Uelplekelnuaeu peO Plellpllpekeu PnupepeOl entutae nO tepl ple Fottle aeplleaeu. Nntelel eektleu Blluelkenpketle lO Pekulll lnup ib99 Bnlu lO Iekl. Bepl i2 Zlttluueu Zeupekeu klelenteupe kepeu tenl eluel Petleanua pep luplllnlp tel BeOuphuole Ptteuppeek uuO uelaeuaeueu Iekl elue kuke Pnpaepepelellpeketl tel Uelplekelnuaeu. Bep vlppeu ple … Read more

Shares and insurance for the child: you should not skimp on that

pekeu PnupepeOlp lu peu elpleu peekp Iekleu uuek b0t Bnlu Ouueltlek, pep plup t922 Bnlu olu Iekl. Uuu peekp plp evott Iekleu plup ep peuu b0b Bnlu lO Zuuel upel 0020 Bnlu olu Iekl. lu pel Bnpellol llelpeu POellokuue, Ieptel nup Zelheuhtelpnua ple Gupleu ent pnlekpekullltlek t02 Bnlu olu Zuuel, etpu 0290 lO Iekl. also … Read more

Dax and dates in the daily stock market report

Dusseldorf Russia’s attack on Ukraine remains the dominant theme in the world, even on the stock markets. Investors in the German stock market, however, are relatively optimistic, with many apparently banking on progress in the peace talks. The Dax jumped the 14,000 point hurdle multiple times on Monday. Later, profits fell apart just a bit. … Read more

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