The WORLDWIDE FITNESS EXPERIENCE will premiere in August 2022

SHINE Conventions GmbH, in cooperation with SportsConnected GmbH and Messe Essen, is organizing an innovative industry event on August 13-14, 2022, which aims to set new standards. Find out below which event highlights the WORLD FITNESS EXPERIENCE (WFX) premiere you have booked. Sport makes you happy: The first edition the World Fitness Experience (WFX) shows … Read more

McFIT ups the 1.4. prices for members and new customers

Fitness training at McFIT has cost significantly more since April 2022 – the fitness chain had previously informed its members in an email circular. The monthly fee increased from EUR 19.90 (Basic) to EUR 24.90 (Flex Classic Rate). Reason: The corona pandemic and its effects on the economy. The good news: McFIT trainers should get … Read more

6 häufige Ernährungsfehler bei Sportlern

Leistungsabfall durch falsche Ernährung Diese 6 Ernährungsfehler bremsen deine Fitness aus Um beim Training besser zu werden, solltest du mehrmals die Woche Sport treiben und stetig neue Trainingsreize setzen. Effizientes Training ist ein Mix aus Abwechslung und Anspruch, mit leicht steigender Anforderungskurve. Passt bei dir? Prima! Stellst du aber fest, dass sich deine Leistung dennoch … Read more

6 vegetarische Fitness-Rezepte | MEN’S HEALTH

Vegetarische Fitness-Rezepte 6 vegetarische High-Protein-Rezepte für mehr Muskeln Muskelwachstum funktioniert nur mit der richtigen Ernährung. Und die muss vor allem eines sein: proteinreich. Fleisch oder Fisch enthalten zwar reichlich davon, doch auch in der vegetarischen Küche gibt es genug alternative Eiweißquellen, die dir alle Aminosäuren für den Muskelaufbau liefern. Denn dass eine fleischlose Ernährung nicht … Read more

7 gesunde Fitness-Snacks für Sportler

Ob Protein-Chips, Energy-Riegel oder Fitness-Cookies: Diese gesunden Fitness-Snacks stillen deinen Heißhunger, ohne deine Trainingserfolge zunichte zu machen Snacken und ein gesunder Fitness-Lifestyle müssen sich nicht ausschließen: Es gibt mittlerweile auf dem Markt eine Vielzahl an Snacks, die speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von Sportlern ausgerichtet sind. Deswegen sind Fitness-Snacks häufig zuckerfrei, kalorienarm und mit Protein angereichert. … Read more

My daily meat/meat eating habits of Germans are almost stable

06/28/2022 – 11:25 Vion Beef BV Buchloe (o.t.s.) Record inflation, exorbitant prices, sown uncertainty. It is even more surprising how stable German attitudes toward meat remain. Together with the market research institute GfK, Vion Food Group carried out its annual representative survey in March 2022. With the result: both the basic attitude towards meat and … Read more

Experts weigh in: How healthy or risky are superfoods?

Fitter and healthier with exotic root powder, berry smoothies or seaweed bars – so-called superfoods are advertised with all sorts of advantages compared to conventional foods. “Healthy or risky?” asks an event specialist. You can find more nutrition topics here See better, reduce pain and stress, increase brain function. In addition, there is talk of … Read more

Lack of money promotes unhealthy eating | – Guide

Status: 06/27/2022 12:46 pm It is becoming increasingly difficult for low-income households to eat a balanced and healthy diet. It increases the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. In Germany there is also malnutrition related to poverty and sometimes hunger. According to According to a study by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, people … Read more

With the Viennese “FoodTrailer” on the way to good nutrition | PID Press

Workshops for climate and animal-friendly nutrition Vienna (OTS) – The first thing you need to know is what kind of nutrition is good for the climate, the environment, your own health and the well-being of animals: the city of Vienna is starting a new educational approach as part of its “Vienna is GUT” program. with … Read more

Nutrition: Germany calls for the fight against the hunger crisis – Politics

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (from left to right), Development Minister Svenja Schulze and Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir in Berlin. Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine is having an impact on global agricultural markets: significant grain deliveries are missing in some parts of the world. The federal government is pressing for international … Read more

Eight “Healthy Eating Rules” You Should Throw Overboard Right Away

If you eat a balanced diet, you will reach your ideal weight almost incidentally. However, many supposed rules for healthy eating are just a myth. IMAGO / Peter Widmann Arbitrary dietary rules are part of our food culture, and distorted views of what “healthy eating” really is are pervasive in our society. These rules often … Read more

Study: Improper Vegetarian Diet Increases Mortality More Than Moderate Meat Consumption in a Healthy Diet, Adventist Press Service Germany APD, press release

A vegetarian diet rich in highly processed foods may increase mortality risk more than a red meat diet. This is the result of a study recently published by Loma Linda University Health (California/USA). Their study adds to prior knowledge of how ultra-processed foods and red meat affect human health and longevity. The ultra-processed vegetarians are … Read more

Expert Tips & Talk: When Kids Fuss While Eating

“But I don’t like broccoli!” Parents probably hear this or something similar from their children often when it comes to healthy eating. How can you make a healthy diet appealing to picky eaters? Health Knowledge Foundation provides tips and offers expert chat. When it comes to food, children often have their own tastes: sometimes spaghetti … Read more

Sensory and gustatory! / Reduction2025 technology workshop on sugar reduction, …

06/23/2022 – 11:00 GbR event Munich (ots) What is crucial for the development of new products so that they finally arrive in the shopping cart? The third workshop on Reduction2025, the networking and transfer project in relation to the “NRI – National Reduction and Innovation Strategy for Less Sugar, Fat and Salt in Finished Products” … Read more

With these 5 tips you will survive the midday slump

Updated: 06/22/2022 – 12:05 Fragrances, movement, food. With these 5 tips you will survive the midday slump Photo: Getty Images/Westend61 When the midday slump hits, some people would like to lay their heads down on their desks and get some rest. Anyone who can barely keep their eyes open after eating in the canteen or … Read more

Healthy eating at school: qualifications for snack breaks

DThe contents of a lunch box can say a lot about a child’s future. Diets high in fat and calories can set the stage for diabetes, heart disease, and depression from an early age. Obesity can even reduce a child’s cognitive performance, researchers at the University of Bristol have found. According to a study by … Read more

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