Western Diet Increases Colon Cancer Risk Through Gut Flora – Healing Practice

Western diet increases colon cancer risk typical for them nutrition in Western industrialized countries like Germany and the US. high intake of red and processed meats, sugar, and refined carbohydrates. According to a recent study, this combination seems to have a negative effect on the composition of the intestinal flora, which colorectal cancer risk increases … Read more

Metabolic product of gut bacteria influences brain health – healing practice

Propionic acid for the therapy of neurodegenerative diseases Several studies in recent years have shown that intestinal bacteria influence processes in the brain through the so-called gut-brain axis. A German research team is currently investigating the role of the metabolite in intestinal bacteria propionic acid in the Development of neurodegenerative diseases theater plays. a working … Read more

Blueberries improve memory and prevent dementia – healing practice

Why eating blueberries is so healthy the recording of blueberries in the daily diet can have positive effects on the heart and intestinal flora as well Improve memory and brain function and also reduce unhealthy LDL cholesterol. So blueberries show a remarkable neuroprotective potential. In a new study involving experts from University of East Anglia … Read more

Dietary fibers reduce antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the intestinal flora – healing practice

Fiber to combat antibiotic resistance Antibiotic-resistant microbes are a huge problem around the world, one that is likely to get worse in the coming decades. However, proper nutrition could help combat this threat. One varied diet with enough Soluble fiber reduces antibiotic-resistant microbes in the gut. In a new study involving experts from US Department … Read more

This Diet May Ease Depression Symptoms – Healing Practice

Eating healthy can help fight depression via Switch to a healthier diet relieved the symptoms of depression in a group of subjects participating in a study. The researchers suspect that the effect on changes in the gut flora must be. a working group of Sydney University of Technology in Australia has examined in a current … Read more

What fart smell says about nutrition and health – Heilpraxis

The smell of flatulence indicates various ailments. On average, each person leaves 20 times a day air from the intestine escape. In most cases, a fart is barely noticeable. However, some flatulence sucks so much that other people can barely stand it. A gastroenterologist provides information about what Smell of flatulence on diet and health. … Read more

This diet changes the intestinal flora and slows down immune aging – healing practice

Diet influences the immune system through the intestinal flora For the first time, a research team was able to show directly that a reduced calorie diet a positive effect on it immune system has and that this effect on that gut microbiome (intestinal flora) is mediated. researchers of German Center for Diabetes Research could try … Read more

Colorectal cancer: more and more young people affected | NDR.de – Guide

Status: 03/28/2022 11:00 am Diet affects the composition of intestinal bacteria. Drinks containing sugar could be the reason why more and more young people develop colon cancer. A study proves it. Colorectal cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in Germany. About 65,000 people develop a malignant colorectal tumor each year, and … Read more

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