Fitness equipment for the home: these models allow an effective training

physical aptitude home training The right equipment for effective training at home Status: 13:30 | Reading time: 4 minutes From an elliptical machine to a treadmill, these exercise machines are ideal for the home. Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Pavel1964 Fitness equipment for your own home must be of high quality and easy to use, even for beginners, … Read more

Fitness: The right equipment for an effective workout at home

physical aptitude physical aptitude The best equipment for effective training at home From 16:22 | Reading time: 4 minutes Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Pavel1964 Fitness equipment for your own home must be of high quality and easy to use, even for beginners, and the price-performance ratio must be appropriate. So which models are the best? In the … Read more

Workout for a strong core and against back pain.

Up to 85 percent of people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. New research suggests that focusing on your core could be the key to prevention and treatment. In a new study of theInternational Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Sciences’ Targeted core training has been identified as an important tool … Read more

HooKee: The first smart and portable gym starts with crowdfunding at an extremely low price

The HooKee system is intended to be a compact home gym. According to the manufacturer, the HooKee is a smart and portable gym that can be used for a wide variety of exercises. The device is still available at a very low price as part of crowdfunding. The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting temporary closure … Read more

Little preparation for a lot of fun on the slopes | free Press

akz-i For many this winter, it means going back to the mountains to ski or snowboard. After the USA, Germany is the country with the most fans of winter sports. There are 15 million skiers or snowboarders in Germany. However, if it’s been a while since your last winter vacation, it doesn’t hurt to remember … Read more

Training in the gym: these five workouts burn a lot of calories

Not all classes offered at the gym are equally effective at burning calories. But what are the five workouts that burn the most calories? Of course, the number of calories actually burned varies from person to person, since consumption depends on several factors. reading advice for your resolutionsSix simple daily routines for a flat stomach … Read more

Pilot study compares digital workouts with physical training in the gym

Gym and digital training in direct comparison: As part of a pilot study, the LES MILLS research lab compared the perceived exertion and enjoyment of a live class in the gym with the effect of the digital format of the same workout at home, and found with surprising results. A class in the gym take … Read more

Live Trainings at LES MILLS LIVE London 2022

Premiere of a fitness event filmed entirely in VR (virtual reality): LES MILLS LIVE 2022 in London was one of the largest group training events in the world. More than 5,000 fitness fans were in attendance as 250 LES MILLS Rockstar trainers guided participants through ten of the most iconic workouts from the world leader … Read more

Life Fitness’s new CEO Paul Stoneham will usher in the next phase of growth

“The fitness industry is currently in a pioneering phase of changetechnology driven Innovations and changing consumer expectations. And all against the backdrop of unprecedented times,” said Life Fitness’s new CEO, Paul Stoneham. driving innovation The company has the The strength of the brand, the team and the infrastructureto drive innovation. In addition, Life Fitness can … Read more

This counteracts cost pressure in the gym

The fitness industry was particularly affected by the Corona crisis due to its subscription systems and government regulations. The closures derived from the regulations made it impossible to compensate for the natural fluctuation and it was also almost impossible to attract new clients at the pre-crisis level. In addition, there is the current ruling of … Read more

Demonstrate Strength and Endurance at the HYROX World Series of Fitness

HYROX is a fitness race consisting of eight one-kilometer runs that alternate with eight different workouts. With the HYROX partnership, studio members can prepare for World Fitness Championships or prove their fitness with the HYROX Fitness Test. Michael Wunderle, regional manager of the VeniceBeach and FitBase studios of the Pfitzenmeier Group, reports on the cooperation … Read more

The women’s fitness chain Mrs. Sporty kicks off the week of care with a voucher campaign

They are irreplaceable in our society, doing amazing things every day and putting in a lot of physical and mental strength to be there for other people who need help and support. What it refers to, of course, is the nursing staff in the care of the elderly and infirm. And that’s why women’s fitness … Read more

World of Fitness (WOF) extends partnership with software provider EGYM

EGYM and the World of Fitness Group (WOF) have extended their partnership, which has existed since 2014, for a further five years. In the Aachen area, WOF is currently the market leader with 13 facilities, a studio under construction for women’s fitness and several license and franchise partnerships and intends to continue to grow by … Read more

Planet Fitness Acquires Franchise Partner Sunshine Fitness

With the purchase of its franchisee, Sunshine Fitness Growth Holdings LLC, US fitness chain Planet Fitness has added an additional 114 studios to its company-owned facilities. All the information and background of the OPA. The Planet Fitness Franchise Has Them planned acquisition of your franchise partner Sunshine Fitness Growth Holdings LLC announced. Sunshine Fitness was … Read more

FIBO and HYROX partner up and organize a fitness challenge in Cologne

In 2023, FIBO will expand its sports activities to include the HYROX fitness contest. Professional and amateur athletes compete in the FIBO rooms against an inspiring backdrop. FIBO Event Manager Silke Frank sees many synergies in the new partnership and is looking forward to the premiere on April 13-16, 2023 in Cologne. The most important … Read more

WHO shows how fit Germans really are

Millions of people around the world are not moving enough and this has devastating consequences: In the 10-year period from 2020 to 2030, nearly 500 million people worldwide are likely to develop heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and dementia, among other illnesses, as a result of a lack of exercise, reports the WorldHealth. Organization (WHO). … Read more

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