Back pain at work? These 5 Pillows With Extra Functions Will Help!

These gadgets help without much effort Back pain at work: five pillows with additional functions Back and neck pain from sitting for a long time at work, who doesn’t know? Yuri Arcurs, February 1, 2023 at 8:07 am by Maren Mangold Sitting is the new smoking. We know, we know. But I can … Read more


01/31/2023 – 16:01 liteboxer BOSTON, USA /PRNewswire/ One of the first VR fitness apps launches in 16 European countries BOSTON, USA, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/– Liteboxer, the leader in instructor-led training on the Metaverse, today announced its international expansion. This makes Liteboxer one of the first VR fitness apps to expand internationally and offer a … Read more

Despite difficult times: Templiner follows his own career path

“When a passion grips me, it doesn’t let go,” says Michael Damm. A maxim that also describes the Templiner’s professional career: from carpenter to bus driver and then to the health and fitness area, where he worked as studio manager. The 41-year-old has now fulfilled his dream of having his own health studio: On February … Read more

Workout for a strong core and against back pain.

Up to 85 percent of people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. New research suggests that focusing on your core could be the key to prevention and treatment. In a new study of theInternational Journal of Kinesiology and Sports Sciences’ Targeted core training has been identified as an important tool … Read more

Training in the gym: these five workouts burn a lot of calories

Not all classes offered at the gym are equally effective at burning calories. But what are the five workouts that burn the most calories? Of course, the number of calories actually burned varies from person to person, since consumption depends on several factors. reading advice for your resolutionsSix simple daily routines for a flat stomach … Read more

Outdoor workouts counteract depression

The snow and the cold do not stop running through the forest. Photo: Blazej Lyjak/ When the cold and darkness attack you in winter, sports and exercise help, among other things, even outdoors. What must be taken into account when exercising in nature is revealed by Dr. Interview with Martín Rino. Despite subzero temperatures and … Read more

Outdoor exercises ‘counteract depression’

Despite subzero temperatures and bad weather conditions, there is no need to cancel outdoor winter workouts. Exercise is now even more important, not only for the body but also for the mind. What must be taken into account and how we can avoid injuries is revealed by Dr. Martín Rinio, a specialist in orthopedics, surgery … Read more

Fitness: This is the best workout to get in shape quickly

kmpkt a lot doesn’t help a lot This workout is the fastest way to get back in shape. Status: 23.12.2022 | Reading time: 3 minutes Training like this is quite exhausting, but it’s worth it! Source: Redl Is jogging the best sport to get in shape quickly? The truth is more complicated. What kind … Read more

Lose weight the easy way! Here’s how to create the perfect workout plan for weight loss.

Sport and nutrition: what effects can be achieved with the training plan? Sports play one central role if you want to lose weight. Training units not only contribute to your physical well-being, but also strengthen your cardiovascular system, tone your body through muscle development and contribute to fat loss. However, most sports are useless if … Read more

Even in winter: outdoor training “counteracts depression”

Also in the winter Outdoor exercises ‘counteract depression’ December 16, 2022, 7:30 p.m. When the cold and darkness attack you in winter, sports and exercise help, among other things, even outdoors. An expert reveals what to keep in mind when training in nature. Despite subzero temperatures and bad weather conditions, there is no need to … Read more

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