The seca TRU sets standards in terms of validation

Validation, what is it? If BIA manufacturer of validation talking is one thing adjustment meant, who proves that the Datathat the BIA supplies to the get as close to reality as possible. To do this, the measurement results are compared with other methods that are used to body composition can be determined. For him There … Read more

Are detox products useful? – healing practice

Do you detoxify your body with detox products? “detox” is all the rage: Such diets and cures, as well as “cleansing” food supplements, are supposed to help the to detoxify the body and more vital and strengthened energy immune system provide. But are detox products really useful? Detox cures are popular. “Detox” means “detoxification” (in … Read more

Micronutrient nutrition can relieve symptoms – Heilpraxis

New approach to caring for people with allergies Millions of people in this country have one allergy; its immune system reacts with hypersensitivity to some foreign substances (allergens). Allergic diseases are often associated with large losses Quality of life related to those affected. The researchers now report that a target micronutrition the symptom can relieve … Read more

Heart, Eye, and Immune System Health Benefits – Healing Practice

Pumpkin: the health benefits of this superfood It is generally considered a vegetable, but pumpkin is actually a fruit and a tasty food that is full of health benefits stuck. That superfood can have a positive impact on that, among other things heartthe Eyes and the immune system to affect. In a recent publication from … Read more

What the coronavirus pandemic means for the immune system – health and nutrition

Some diseases have become rarer in the pandemic. But recently, some people have the impression that they get sick with unusual frequency. Are the body’s defenses out of practice? Not again: children get sick every few weeks: colds, stomach and intestines, etc. And some adults also report feeling like they carry almost all colds with … Read more

Blueberries have an effect on cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure – healing practice

Blueberries are associated with numerous health benefits blueberries they are among the most popular berries in this country. The small fruits stand out not only for their excellent flavor, but also for their various health benefits. Among other things, it can positively influence the cholesterol levelsthe sugar in the blood and the blood pressure Act. … Read more

Tips to build a strong immune system

Strong immune system – healthy body They are there at any time of the year: pathogens of all kinds. It is thanks to your well-functioning immune system that you do not feel annoying symptoms such as cough, itchy throat, runny nose or headaches with each contact. the defenses in the body He usually works unnoticed, … Read more

These foods strengthen the immune system – Heilpraxis

Foods for a healthy immune system A healthy immune system is important for fighting infections. Kristin Kirkpatrick from the Cleveland Clinic in the US explains how a proper diet can strengthen the immune system. Fruits and vegetables for a healthy immune system In a press release from the Cleveland Clinic, the expert recommends eating colorful … Read more

This diet changes the intestinal flora and slows down immune aging – healing practice

Diet influences the immune system through the intestinal flora For the first time, a research team was able to show directly that a reduced calorie diet a positive effect on it immune system has and that this effect on that gut microbiome (intestinal flora) is mediated. researchers of German Center for Diabetes Research could try … Read more

This will prevent you from getting sick.

Do you suffer from obesity, rheumatism or sleep disorders? This could be caused by an imbalance in the body’s acid-base balance. What diet can you use to counteract this. Basic food is in fashion. This is based on the thesis that the body is “over-acidified” by too many acid-producing components in the daily diet and … Read more

Top nutrition tips from the queen of fitness

Pamela Reif (25) does not hide the fact that the body of her dreams is thanks to hard work. The influencer regularly provides her more than 8.5 million YouTube followers with videos showcasing the workouts she uses to get her body in shape. Although the sporty part of the 25-year-old from Karlsruhe is more in … Read more

Active substance of plant origin for the treatment of food allergies – healing practice

Formononetin allows the treatment of food allergies One on plants and herbs like Red clover and green beans active ingredient present allows a effective treatment of food allergies. In a new study involving researchers from the New York Medical School it was found that formononetin could be a new therapeutic candidate for the treatment and … Read more

5 benefits for your health

What’s in the chili? the people can five flavors differ, sharpness is not one of them. In fact, the “taste” is pain. Certain components of “spicy” tasting foods sometimes trigger severe irritation of the heat and pain receptors on our tongue. The burning, hot burning and stinging sting that chili peppers in particular cause in … Read more

Sugar can promote inflammatory processes in the body – healing practice

Sugar promotes inflammation. inflammation It usually spreads insidiously and unnoticed in the body, greatly harms health and can cause serious diseases such as Autoimmune diseases trigger. The researchers now report how sugar promotes inflammation. High sugar intake can promote inflammatory processes in the human body and thus promote the development of autoimmune diseases. A research … Read more

Cover selenium requirements with new apples – healing practice

New selenium-rich apple: Natural kick for the immune system Apples are the most popular fruit among Germans. The fruits are known for their positive health effects. Among other things, its consumption can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The researchers have now developed an apple innovation. This provides a good supply of selenium and … Read more

Corona episode dementia: Over 60s lose mental fitness

Sars-Coronavirus-2 infection can have a series of neurological consequences. Loss of smell and taste are characteristic symptoms of infection. But headaches and persistent fatigue are also part of the consequences and are particularly feared if they continue for a long time after the acute illness. A new study by Chinese researchers in JAMA Neurology shows … Read more

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