Eggs protect against cardiovascular diseases – healing practice

Is regular consumption of eggs beneficial for the heart? Of the regular consumption of eggs Appears before the appearance of cardiovascular disease protect. Therefore, the breakfast egg could make a significant contribution to the maintenance of cardiovascular health. In a new study involving experts from Oxford University and the Peking University were the associations between … Read more

A low-protein diet causes an increase in life expectancy through a single hormone: healing practice.

Longer life with less protein One low protein dietbut still enough protein to avoid malnutrition, improves life expectancy and metabolic health. It has now been determined that a single liver-derived hormone appears to be responsible for these beneficial effects. Data from a new study involving experts from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center show that protein … Read more

Market fitness and health services in a goal-oriented manner and gain new members

Health training, prevention sports or rehabilitation: it is important to market fitness and health services in the best possible way. An interdisciplinary approach helps here. Graduate sports teacher Prof. Dr. In an interview, Arne Morsch (DHfPG) gives practical advice for the ideal offer structure and the success factor of fitness specialists with the appropriate qualifications. … Read more

How Many Calories Should You Eat Every Day – Healing Practice

Determine your own calorie needs How many calories should people ideally eat in a day? the nutritionist Julia Zumpano from the Cleveland Clinic in the US explains what to keep in mind when using your daily caloric requirement want to calculate. What influences optimal caloric intake? One multitude of factors Influenced, how many calories a … Read more

This diet changes the intestinal flora and slows down immune aging – healing practice

Diet influences the immune system through the intestinal flora For the first time, a research team was able to show directly that a reduced calorie diet a positive effect on it immune system has and that this effect on that gut microbiome (intestinal flora) is mediated. researchers of German Center for Diabetes Research could try … Read more

Mobile phone radiation influences food intake: healing practice

Influence of mobile phone radiation on brain metabolism smartphone they are an integral part of everyday life. But the increased use can be problematic on several levels, especially among children and young people. that’s what it will be like device radiation For example, completed directly from the head, which according to a current study both … Read more

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