Intermittent fasting to heal nerve damage: healing practice

Enhanced recovery from nerve damage through nutrition. Through intermittent fasting and the resulting change in the activity of the intestinal bacteria could stimulate the so-called axonal regeneration, so that the Significantly improved recovery of damaged nerves. In a recent study involving experts from Imperial College London (UCL) showed that intermittent fasting promotes axonal regeneration after … Read more

Metabolic product of gut bacteria influences brain health – healing practice

Propionic acid for the therapy of neurodegenerative diseases Several studies in recent years have shown that intestinal bacteria influence processes in the brain through the so-called gut-brain axis. A German research team is currently investigating the role of the metabolite in intestinal bacteria propionic acid in the Development of neurodegenerative diseases theater plays. a working … Read more

Not all dietary fiber is equally healthy for everyone – Heilpraxis

Individual effects of dietary fiber on individuals Dietary fiber is widely recognized as important for health in the diet. However, this appears to be only partially true due to the health benefits of fiber. varies from person to person and it depends on the specific type of dietary fibers ingested and their dose. The results … Read more

This diet changes the intestinal flora and slows down immune aging – healing practice

Diet influences the immune system through the intestinal flora For the first time, a research team was able to show directly that a reduced calorie diet a positive effect on it immune system has and that this effect on that gut microbiome (intestinal flora) is mediated. researchers of German Center for Diabetes Research could try … Read more

Gut flora influences food preferences: healing practice

Microbes in the gut can determine what you’re hungry for The foods that are eaten do not seem to be based solely on one’s own choices. apparently you can microbes in the gut Affects what you eat by producing substances that interact with you Preference for certain foods. They are connected. In a new study … Read more

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