Downtime has a high cost for businesses and governments

Fit Citizens Are Cheaper: The Global Health & Fitness Alliance (GHFA), in partnership with IHRSA, has released a Deloitte report showing the social and economic value of the global health and fitness industry. The most important facts in summary: Here we go! Background and detailed information: The report “Economic health and social well-being: Quantifying the … Read more

Fasting Affects Metabolism, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Blood Fat: Healing Practice

Fasting for the therapy and prevention of metabolic diseases An unbalanced diet is in most cases at the origin of type 2 diabetes Y obesity involved. Voluntary starvation periods like this intermittent fasting help prevent obesity and diabetes and help treat existing metabolic diseases. The latest findings on type 2 diabetes and obesity were presented … Read more

Nutrition with few saturated fatty acids has a positive effect – healing practice

Inflammatory reactions and wound healing: a healthy diet helps Studies have shown that people who are overweight or obesity more often than skin diseases as psoriasis They are affected. But why is that? Researchers have now gained new insights into this. They also found that a healthy person nutrition Chronically overweight inflammation and the wound … Read more

You should eat more of these varieties.

If you want to eat healthy and with as little sugar as possible, you should also pay close attention to fruit. Many fruits contain many more calories than you think. A general vision. It’s no secret that fruit is an integral part of a balanced diet. finally offers Fruit Lots of healthy fiber, secondary plant … Read more

This diet changes the intestinal flora and slows down immune aging – healing practice

Diet influences the immune system through the intestinal flora For the first time, a research team was able to show directly that a reduced calorie diet a positive effect on it immune system has and that this effect on that gut microbiome (intestinal flora) is mediated. researchers of German Center for Diabetes Research could try … Read more

Vitamin E protects against weight gain even on a high-fat diet: healing practice

Vitamin E protection against obesity a subspecies of Vitamin E It can potentially be used to treat obesity and weight problems, as even on a high-fat diet, suppressed weight gain. It also reduces the buildup of white adipose tissue around the kidneys and protects against liver damage from high-fat diets. In a recent study involving … Read more

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