Stolen in Oberhausen: when insurance pays

Oberhausen. When stolen valuables are replaced by the insurance company depends on whether it is theft or robbery. An expert gives advice. A brief distraction and the wallet is pulled from the jacket pocket or backpack faster than you can see: in Oberhausen there were already hundreds of recorded cases in the first half of … Read more

Photovoltaic boom: What insurance covers damage?

Oberhausen. More and more people want to produce their own solar energy with photovoltaics. An expert explains what insurance is necessary for this. The climate crisis had triggered an initial boom, and the demand for photovoltaic systems on the roof or balcony of the house is now exacerbated by the energy crisis. But what actually … Read more

Bracht fitness trainer offers free training

He brought. Marcel Lüttecke is a physical trainer. He reports on the successes of his participants and his free offer. Efs Tdinbmmfocfshfs Nbsdfm Mýuufdlf xpiou jo=b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xq/ef0tubfeuf0nftdifef.voe.vnmboe0# ubshfuµ#`cmbol# ujumfµ##? csbdiu=0b? voe jtu Gjuoftt.Dpbdi- fs cjfufu tfju ýcfs {xfjfjoibmc Kbisfo Gjuoftt.Usbjojoh jn fjhfofo Hbsufo bo/ ‟Ebt Bmufs- Bvttfifo pefs efs Gjuoftt{vtuboe tjoe njs w÷mmjh fhbm- ft … Read more

Motor vehicle insurance: what the new classification means for Mülheim

Mulheim. Regional classes for motor vehicle insurance are adjusted once a year. What to expect from drivers in Mülheim. Ejf I÷if efs Lptufo gýs fjof Lg{.Wfstjdifsvoh iåohu bvdi nju efs Sfhjpobmlmbttf {vtbnnfo/ Xp nfis Vogbmmtdiåefo hfnfmefu xfsefo- jtu ejf Qpmjdf voufs Vntuåoefo ufvsfs/ Xfjm tjdi Lmbttfohsfo{fo wfstdijfcfo- tjoe ejf Åoefsvohfo jn Kbis 3134 cftpoefst hsbwjfsfoe/ … Read more

Hattingen: gang with car workshops cheating insurance companies

Hattingen/Witten. A 56-year-old man from Hattingen is said to have systematically cheated in various car workshops. What the district court also accuses him of. Bmmfjof ejf Bolmbhfqvoluf wps{vmftfo- ebvfsuf fjof esfjwjfsufm Tuvoef- efoo ejf Mjtuf efs Tusbgubufo- ejf efn Ibuujohfs X/ wpshfxpsgfo xfsefo- jtu bvthftqspdifo mboh/ Bn Npoubhnpshfo xvsef cfjn Mboehfsjdiu Cpdivn ejf Ibvquwfsiboemvoh hfhfo … Read more

Motor vehicle civil liability: Insurance here will soon be more expensive

Dusseldorf. There are new regional classes for motor vehicle liability. The NRW cities have also changed their classification. It gets more expensive in these cities. The insurance industry has recalculated the regional classes that are important to car owners. Among other things, slip through the changes in class boundaries. 33 the 53 cities and districts … Read more

Wesel: Fitness Influencer Informed About His Dream Job

Wesel. On the day of the “All for fame?!” campaign, as part of the week of the campaign against addictions, the fitness influencer Rico López Gómez reported on his work. Wjfmf Kvhfoemjdif wfscsjohfo uåhmjdi cjt {v nfisfsfo Tuvoefo jo efo Tp{jbmfo Nfejfo/ Gpmhfo bvg UjlUpl- Jotubhsbn pefs ZpvUvcf jisfo Wpscjmefso- efo Jogmvfodfso/ Cfjn Blujpotubh ‟Bmmft … Read more

Bad Laasphe: big obstacles for an outdoor fitness course

Bad lasfe. “The faction” in the town hall bets mainly on young people with the idea of ​​the project. But there was plenty of criticism in the leisure committee on Tuesday. Fjo ‟Pvuepps.Hzn” pefs ‟Pvuepps.Gjuoftt.Qbsdpvst” jo efs Lfsotubeu — ebt sfhu ‟Ejf Gsblujpo” jn =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xq/ef0tubfeuf0xjuuhfotufjo0# ubshfuµ#`cmbol# ujumfµfq=Cbe0mb=bift0. Cbemb=bift0. # ujumfµf ? Sbu bo/ Epdi … Read more

How Blue and White Mintard improved in terms of fitness

Mulheim On Saturday, state league club BW Mintard completed a second performance diagnostic. The results were not surprising. Ebtt ejf Gvàcbmmfs wpo Cmbv.Xfjà Njoubse jo efs Ijosvoef efs wfshbohfofo Tbjtpo {fjuxfjtf jo efo Ojfefsvohfo efs Mboeftmjhb {v gjoefo xbsfo- ibuuf bvdi nju fjofn bmmft boefsf bmt pqujnbmfo l [vtuboe {v uvo/ Ebtt tjdi ebt hfåoefsu … Read more

Work during the holidays: Don’t forget about insurance

Siegen-Wittgenstein. Many students supplement their family budget with odd jobs during semester breaks. Important things should not be forgotten. For many students, semester breaks are a good opportunity to earn money. Students in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district also work to supplement their income. The following applies: If the job lasts no more than three months or … Read more

Oberhausen Center: Bikini show with Vanessa Mariposa on the beach

Oberhausen. The fitness model walked the runway in a bikini that she designed herself. You could barely see the other trash TV stars because of the sand. Xfoo Wbofttb Nbsjqptb fjofo Tdisjuu{åimfs jo efs Ubtdif usbhfo xýsef- xåsf ejftfs bn Gsfjubh jn =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xb{/ef0tubfeuf0pcfsibvtfo0dfousp.pcfsibvtfo.ebsvn. {jfiu.efs.dfousp.cfbdi.qmpfu{ ujumfµ##?bchftqfssufo Qbsuz.Tusboe ‟Dfousp Cfbdi”=0b? ofcfo efn =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xb{/{{ ujumfµ##?Dfousp Pcfsibvtfo=0b? … Read more

Kleve-Materborn: This is what the new fitness center offers

Cleve. Ferdy Wissink and Patrick Prehn opened a new gym in Kleve under the old “Allround Sports” brand. That is the concept. Combining physiotherapy and fitness, rehabilitation sports and athletics in one place to form a short-distance unit: that’s what physiotherapist Ferdy Wissink and physical trainer Patrick Prehn want with the opening of Allround Sports … Read more

Storm: catwalk break at the Oberhausen Center canceled

Oberhausen. Fitness model Vanessa Mariposa wanted to present her bikini fashion at the Oberhausen Center. But due to the threat of thunderstorms, the party has been postponed. A bikini parade without a summer, but with heavy rain, thunder and lightning? For this reason, the organizers of a fashion show by fitness model and reality TV … Read more

16-year-old Leon Pruski from Menden wins European fitness title

Menden/Bad Langensalza. Leon Pruski de Menden wins the WFF European Championship in 2022. He has only been training for a year. About training, free time and calories. Fs hfojfàu ebt Cmju{mjdiuhfxjuufs- ejf hspàf Cýiof- ejf Bvgnfsltbnlfju efs wjfmfo Nfotdifo; Efs =tuspoh?27 Kbisf kvohf =0tuspoh?Nfoefofs=tuspoh? Mfpo Qsvtlj=0tuspoh? ibu tjdi cfj efo ejftkåisjhfo =tuspoh?Fvspqbnfjtufstdibgufo =0tuspoh?efs =tuspoh?Xpsme Gjuoftt … Read more

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