Civey Survey / Save? Yes, but not with the insurance company.

04.10.2022 – 08:40 Canada Life Assurance Europe plc Colony (ots) Inflation: People in Germany are more likely to forgo major purchases and vacations Insurance savings: Aiming primarily at property insurance Respondents stick with existing life insurance and pension policies A clear majority trusts the financial support of the state In the wake of current inflation, … Read more

Car insurance: beware of hidden premium increases

04.11.2021 – 07:30 CHECK24 SL Munich (ots) Motor vehicle insurers are already issuing invoices for 2022: check quotes and compare offers CHECK24’s special termination calculator helps uncover hidden premium increases Euro am Sonntag: CHECK24 is the best car insurance comparison portal Motor vehicle insurers are submitting premium bills for the coming year. Policyholders should review … Read more

newgen medicals fitness smartwatch SW-480, with ECG, blood pressure, SpO2 display, …

09/22/2022 – 10:38 PEARL Ltd. a document Buggingen, 09/22/2022 – With the newgen medicals SW-480 fitness smart watch, you can analyze your own training progress and monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen and body temperature at all times. Now you can be informed about calls, messages or the weather right on your wrist. Train efficiently … Read more

Insurance tip: Traffic accidents on the rise – driver protection is a sensible extra

09/22/2022 – 09:15 universal insurance Insurance tip: Traffic accidents on the rise – driver protection is a sensible extra More deaths, more injuries: After the corona record low in 2021, traffic accidents increased again in the first half of 2022. Passengers are protected in the event of accidents by motor vehicle liability insurance. But what … Read more

Invitation to the press conference: Study of financial advice on motor vehicle insurance

09/21/2022 – 11:10 Finanztip Verbraucherinformation GmbH – a company of the Finanztip Foundation Invitation to the online press conference Motor Vehicle Insurance Financial Tips Study Ladies and gentlemen In times of high inflation, consumers need to save in many areas. When it comes to auto insurance, this year is easier for many people than ever. … Read more

Motor vehicle insurance: the oldest cars on the roads of the Saarland

09/21/2022 – 07:30 CHECK24 SL Munich (ots) The newest vehicles in Thuringia have an average age of 9.3 years. The national average is 10.0 years – and getting older CHECK24’s 300 experts provide advice on all aspects of car insurance The oldest cars are in Saarland. The vehicles of the Saarland inhabitants have an average … Read more

Disability insurance: market standards help in product selection

09/20/2022 – 09:15 universal insurance Disability insurance: market standards help in product selection The Institute for the Analysis of Financial Markets (Infinma) has published its annual study of market standards in disability insurance (BU). For this, 18 important quality criteria of the insurance conditions of 442 tariffs and 73 companies were examined and market standards … Read more

Probably the most sensible superfluous insurance in Germany: the Bavarian starts…

09/19/2022 – 12:38 the bavarian Munich (ots) The festival beer is finally flowing again on Munich’s Theresienwiese from Saturday. For a complete and safe visit to Oktoberfest, Munich’s traditional insurer Bayerische, together with Düsseldorf SituatiVe GmbH, offers a special Wiesn insurance. With the short-term accident insurance “WiesnSchutz”, festival visitors are protected against damage on a … Read more

Duly insured as an official: these 3 insurances are for firefighters…

09/19/2022 – 08:00 Kees Finanzberater GmbH & Co. KG Braunschweig (ots) In public life, firefighters ensure our safety, but they also endanger themselves and are exposed to countless risks. The correct insurance is the beginning and the end of everything and must be clarified before starting work. Because if there is an emergency and the … Read more

Press release: PINKTUM starts digital training courses for banks and insurance companies: …

08/16/2022 – 08:00 ROSE TUM As the leading provider of e-learning and web-based training in Germany, PINKTUM will offer more than 50 self-produced e-learning courses based on the IDD guidelines for banks and insurance companies starting in August. Munich/Hamburg 08/16/2022 The Hamburg and Munich-based company is thus creating a new offer for the statutorily prescribed … Read more

Beginning of semester 2022: insurance tips for students

09/15/2022 – 08:55 Clark Germany GmbH Frankfurt am Main (ots) Health, Liability, and Company Insurance: At the beginning of the semester, students should cover insurance in detail so that they can begin the next phase of life with adequate security. However, a representative study of the current population conducted by the digital insurance manager CLARK … Read more

NORMA participates in the 12th company race in Fürth with a motivated team / Concentrated fitness…

09/15/2022 – 13:27 NORMAL Nuremberg (ots) Lace up your shoes, keep an eye on your goal, and bring the good mood with you! Once again, almost 60 employees with a passion for sports took part in the Fürth business race for the food discounter NORMA. The event on September 14, 2022 was the second of … Read more

Johne & Suleiman: This is how the understaffed health and fitness industry should…

09/13/2022 – 10:17 Johne & Suleiman Consulting and Marketing Ltd Vienna, Austria (ots) Magdalena Johne and Thawab Suleiman support companies in the beauty, fitness and health sectors with their agency and management consultancy Johne & Suleiman Consulting and Marketing GmbH. They not only assist you in acquiring customers and employees and in processing processes and … Read more

For the urban climate of the future: Zurich Versicherung plants “Kiris” and donates…

09/13/2022 – 13:54 Zurich Group Germany The Zurich Germany Group helps improve the urban climate of the future. The Frankfurt am Main-based insurer will help the Main metropolis, weakened by climate change, with a long-term campaign. In the coming months, 24,000 trees will be planted in the city forest. Furthermore, at the initiative of Zurich … Read more

Train at home with the Sensosports balance boards

09/08/2022 – 12:03 sensory sports a document SENSOSPORTS Pressein~ and Sensoboard.pdfPDF – 332KB Relaxed workout at home The weather is too bad for jogging, your back hurts from sitting at home office, or you don’t feel like going to the gym: Especially in winter, many health-oriented and exercise-hungry people have now created training opportunities in … Read more

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