Fitness, training and fun: explanation of the fashion surrounding scooters and scooters

Who doesn’t like to remember their childhood, when wooden skateboards were all the rage. Almost every child had one and even today you can still see the wooden classic from time to time, which is almost 150 years old. But the fascination with kick scooters, or “scooters” as they are called today, has not abated. … Read more

Gym energy flat rate is ‘illegal’ – Vienna

DSkyrocketing costs are making gyms sweat. “Cleverfit” now charges a flat rate of €29.90 for energy costs. For the AK this is illegal. Cleverfit members received text messages and emails from gym operators a few days ago. In it, the fitness chain, which currently operates twelve studios in Vienna, asks for a contribution to “up … Read more

Gyms charge more money for energy bills – reader

In Vienna’s Leopoldstadt, a text message on a cell phone caused one “This day”– Readers for vertebrae. Now she would have to pay the electricity costs for her gym. “This day”-Reporter reader Marcel* (Name changed by publishers) found it difficult to digest what he read in a message from his gym in the 2nd district … Read more

Subscription Trap – Viennese Court Sentences Fitness Chain – Vienna

The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) has successfully sued the operators of “FitInn” fitness studios due to misleading advertising. The so-called “Pro Flex” subscription to “FitInn” should cost 9.90 euros per month. At least that’s what he suggested in hugely large print on billboards and banner ads at Facebook & Co. That would be fine, … Read more

Should men and women train differently?

REGION A question many people ask when training is whether they can do the same exercises as their opponent. Some workout plans are explicitly designed for women or men and one wonders if these workouts are right for them or not. There are several factors that can determine whether a particular exercise program can be … Read more

Physical training at home: five tools for the perfect start of training at home

Everyone knows how to conquer the proverbial inner bastard, especially when it comes to sports. You may have your gym chip card in your wallet, but driving there, checking in, and putting on workout gear takes a lot of effort. But movement is important no matter how and where. Even at home with your own … Read more

Fitness smartwatch in the test: Which one is worth it with features, battery and GPS?

Is it still possible today without a fitness smartwatch? Always aware of the distance traveled and fat burning, is there anything better? The personal entry into the sports watch segment was seven years ago. At that time, a Garmin “vivosmart” around the wrist ensured one’s well-being. Needless to say, the first glance was again at … Read more

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