App Store: Apple introduces automatic price increases for subscriptions

Apple is making its subscription system in the App Store less user-friendly: in the future, users will no longer have to explicitly accept price increases for their subscriptions within the app, they will only receive an email notification. If you don’t cancel then, the costs will automatically increase. The first app developer allowed to use the feature, which is still called an experiment, is the Disney+ movie service.

The change was posted by users on Twitter noticed and already applied to the German app store. In front of the IT blog TechCrunch Apple confirmed the innovation. It’s “testing a new trading feature” that “will be released very soon.” “Developers from different app categories, organizations, and regions” can participate in a test. “We think it will be great for both developers and users.”

Until now, Apple has been extremely easy to use with its subscription feature. If there was a price increase, users received a request via email or in the app, including a button they could click to accept. The new price only started once the agreement was reached; otherwise, the subscription was cancelled. An automatic subscription was not provided.

With the change, the request becomes an advertisement: users now receive an email that simply says “Increase the price of your subscription.” It no longer contains a button, but only announces the new price – in the case of Disney + it went from 7 to 9 euros. In addition, the date of the price increase is mentioned, and that from that moment the new price applies to the subscription “until canceled”. At least there is a link to Apple’s subscription management, where you can avoid the price change by canceling it.

It should be clear why Apple is making the change: the lack of a subscription requirement should ensure that fewer users continue their subscription after the price increase. With the new method, such settings can also simply be ignored, which was not possible before. In the meantime, users should bookmark this link – you can use it to access subscription management on a Mac or iOS device. Here you can also make sure you receive receipts for subscription renewals.

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