At MediaMarkt you can finally buy the console

The Xbox Series X has rarely been available for free since its launch. Currently, the console can be ordered at MediaMarkt at the normal price.

The new consoles had a paradoxical start. On the one hand, the technology has been hailed as a huge step forward and some really good games have appeared since its release. At the same time, the devices were never regularly available. To date, new quotas are quickly exhausted. on media market but now finally there are those again xbox series x at regular price!

Secure the Xbox Series X now

Xbox Series X: 4K gaming in the living room

The Xbox Series X is the world’s most powerful home console. With its 12 teraflops of computing power and 4K gaming at up to 120 FPS, it outperforms even direct competition from Sony. Another highlight is the SSD with 1000 GB of storage space, thanks to the long loading times are finally a thing of the past.

The new microsoft console It is also backward compatible to all previous generations of Xbox, so you can play many existing games without any problem. There are also games specially optimized for the console, like the new Halo: Infinity.

xbox series x

Of course, you also have the option to xbox game pass use. This gives you instant access to a gigantic catalog of new top titles and absolute classics at a fixed monthly price.

Xbox Series X costs €499.99 and according to MediaMarkt can in a few days be with you. If you’re interested, you need to hurry, unfortunately you never know when the next console drought will hit.

Get your new Xbox here!

Are you interested in good deals? Then take a look at our overview! Here you will always find the best deals for games and hardware. Selected and compared by us for you. Currently for example:

Thanks to the new rate with a top smartphone, you can save more than 800 euros

Also available in packs

If you want to secure a new game right away, MediaMarkt has the right set for you. For €539.99 you get the highlights of the open world directly with the console far away 6 for! The game normally costs €59.99, so you can even play it again here Save €20 can.

On far away 6 takes you to a fictional island based on South America. It is ruled by a crazy dictator who has big plans for the nation and will stop at nothing to do it. You are part of the resistance and you fight a lot. Liberty and creativity through the beautiful landscape.

As usual, the game is played from the first person perspective. For the first time in the history of the series, there is even a real one. town to explore and also neutral areasin which you can move freely while doing nothing.

Get your Xbox Series X + Far Cry 6 now

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