Buy PS5: Amazon goes down in France and the UK, so always with us for supplies

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Console supplies for Sony’s PS5 have been expected for weeks on Amazon. Now France fell. When will we finally have the long-awaited drop?

Update of 03/25/2022 at 09:15: After the online giant already sold the PS5 in France and Great Britain in the last few days, it’s still quiet here in Germany, but it’s still exciting. Because some see this as a possible sign and assume that a fall in Germany will soon follow. After all, France, for example, must be served from the same Amazon warehouse as Germany.

Today, the online giant is likely to remain silent. Unfortunately, the mandatory Prime notice has not yet been given. Therefore, a drop is quite unlikely today, although not entirely impossible. But over the next week, Amazon could get really interesting. So be sure to keep a close eye on this PS5 provider, especially over the course of the next week.

An overview of the general situation around new PS5 supplies can be found here: Buy PS5: Ticker on March 25. – 2 supply guarantees are particularly hot today

Update of 03/24/2022, 09:50 am: Amazon France was able to make numerous PS5 hunters happy yesterday, including here in Germany (thanks to corresponding delivery options). And in this country too, you have to keep a close eye on the online giant right now.

For one thing, Amazon Germany has been a long time coming when it comes to new PS5 supplies. On the other hand, many see the sale in France as a possible sign that things could start with us soon.

The Prime ad has not yet appeared on Amazon DE. But keep an eye on the online giant today and in the days to come. Because the chances of the long-awaited drop finally happening here are high right now. By the way, you can get an overview of the general situation around the PS5 replenishment here: Buy PS5: Ticker on March 24. – Be sure to keep an eye on these 3 merchants now

Update of 03/23/2022, 09:10 am: Sales on Amazon FR have now started, and those who are particularly fast can now get their hands on a Sony PS5. A purchase with shipping to Germany is possible on Amazon France.

  • Here you can buy the Sony PS5 on Amazon France:
  • PS5 Disc Edition on Amazon FR
  • PS5 Digital Edition on Amazon FR

Update of 03/23/2022, 09:00: Amazon Germany will likely be discontinued today, but things will likely look different for Amazon France. The notorious Prime notice has now appeared among our neighbors. That means the console replenishment is imminent. However, with the latest Amazon FR sales, the PS5 could easily be ordered from Germany, so gamers from this country can also look forward to the very likely drop. The tee shot will probably be between 09:00 and 10:00, like here. Good luck with the PS5 crash.

console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (You)
Writes stationary game console
Generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu-ray, SSD
break free November 19, 2020

Original message from March 22, 2022: Hamburg – March can be described as a real tragedy when it comes to Sony PS5. Gamers hoping for a PlayStation 5 have consistently been disappointed. Hard to believe, but the month so far has brought even fewer supplies than the already barren February. So things are far from good for consoles. Gamers are currently waiting for one of the major PS5 retailers to break the console drought. Amazon is right at the top of the list. But how likely is a PS5 drop on Amazon this week?

Buy PS5: last replacement of consoles on Amazon in January

When was the last time the Sony PS5 was available to buy on Amazon? Amazon has been bugging gamers for two whole months. That’s how long ago the last PS5 dropped at the dealer. Amazon last sold the Sony PS5 on January 19. Since then, the off-roader no longer offers the coveted console. If you were there at the right time for Amazon’s latest supply drop, you had a pretty good chance of getting the PS5. As with the last few sales, Amazon had decent contingents of PS5s in stock.

Buy PS5: Amazon usually sells supplies on Wednesdays


What is the current status of the Sony PS5 on Amazon? Amazon remains completely silent. Nobody talks about the Sony PS5, or when there will be console supplies again. Although there have been sales in some European countries last week, Germany still seems to be left out. With the upcoming PS5 drops, gamers are still completely in the dark looking for a console. Similarly, there are currently no concrete rumors circulating about an immediate PS5 drop on Amazon.

Buy PS5: console replenishment likely Wednesday at Amazon

When will the Sony PS5 be available for purchase on Amazon again? As already mentioned, this cannot be estimated at this time. However, the next drop in Amazon can at least be reduced a bit. In the past, Amazon has been very consistent in selling new consoles on Wednesdays from 9:00am to 10:00am. Particularly in the middle of the week, you should definitely keep an eye on Amazon. However, it’s all worth it if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Non-subscription gamers have been unable to purchase a PS5 from Amazon in the past. If you don’t have a subscription, you can try Amazon Prime for free*.

It remains questionable whether the long-awaited revival will arrive this Wednesday. Gamers shouldn’t give up hope on PS5 consoles on Amazon though, as the dealer should still have the best chance of getting fresh supplies right now. Should the long-awaited launch of the PlayStation 5 happen, we’ll let you know first on our PS5 ticker. Thanks to our headquarters for all the rumors and reports on the availability of the PS5, you are always up to date. *Affiliate link

Image of rubric list: © Sony

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