Buy PS5: Drop at MediMax: rain of consoles for hundreds of fans

PS5 alert on MediMax. You can currently buy the console from the dealer. But you must be lucky. Technical problems cause resentment among buyers.

Update from 04/02/2022 at 09:35: On Tuesday, Medimax was finally back in supply. By now, the first consoles should have reached their buyers. We wish you a lot of fun with it. A next sales campaign at Medimax is probably planned for the next few months. Deliveries take place here at most once a month. But there is no guarantee for this. Medimax can surprise us with another campaign.

console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (You)
Writes stationary game console
Generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu-ray, SSD
break free November 19, 2020

Update of 03/30/2022, 11:26 am: After 3 PS5 sales campaigns this week (at Saturn, MediMax and Amazon), there is still a chance of a replenishment. Who else could fall now? You can learn more about it here: Buy PS5: After the Amazon campaign, who could drop this week?

Update of 03/30/2022, 8:55 am: Yesterday there were finally new consoles from MediMax. A decline began in the early afternoon which, as is usual for retailers, lasted longer. It’s not entirely clear how many gamers were eventually able to make it onto the PS5. Technical problems overshadowed MediMax’s sales. No more supplies expected today, we consider new arrivals to the MediMax store highly unlikely.

Update of 03/29/2022, 17:20: Enough for today. The last few scattered posts about consoles purchased at MediMax are slowly drying up. The console no longer appears in search. We assume that there will be no more consoles available. How many PS5s have been sold today is also a mystery. Conclusion of the day: an extremely long, but probably small drop in MediMax. But what about the supplies at MediMax in the future?

PS5: Restock Madness at MediMax: Tech Fiasco Overshadows Console Fall

Even if MediMax is considered an insider tip for the new consoles, we do not assume, as of now, that the sales campaign will continue tomorrow. But unlike Expert or OTTO, for example, the Düsseldorf dealer is known for offering small quantities of consoles from time to time. Therefore, a drop at the end of the week or the beginning of the next is not out of the question. It’s even more important to find out about supplies as soon as possible. We will keep you informed on this point.

Update of 03/29/2022, 16:15: To increase your chances, it’s obviously worth using the compare feature on the site. There you will see a check mark on PlayStation 5 which is completed when the console is available. Only then is it probably worth hitting the upgrade button like crazy and putting the console in the shopping cart. The trick saves you a lot of effort.

Update of 03/29/2022, 16:15: Apparently, the new PS5 consoles are still on the MediMax digital counter. In relevant forums, desperate users are already exchanging tips on how to get the PlayStation in their shopping cart.

Update of 03/29/2022, 15:20: More consoles will be unlocked all the time. So don’t give up yet.

Update of 03/29/2022, 15:00: Don’t forget, MediMax comes down in waves. So keep trying and refreshing the page, even if it says “we won’t be accepting any more orders” or something similar. Sales campaigns at MediMax sometimes last for hours and there are always supplies being released.

Buy PS5: Console Alarm at MediMax, but supplies are only available through diversions

Update of 03/29/2022, 14:53: Apparently, the PS5 is only available for pickup in the market. So be sure to pick one near you in the top left corner of the page.

Update of 03/29/2022, 14:43: The rumors were right, to MediMax! There’s a bundle with Gran Turismo 7 and apparently just the pure disc version of the PS5.

Short Addendum: Console either timed out again in a few seconds or was it just an omen and things are just getting started. But with MediMax, the decline usually comes in waves. The site is also struggling with performance issues. So don’t give up, keep trying.

PlayStation 5: This PS5 bundle is currently on sale at MediMax


Buy PS5 from MediMax: PS5 last sale in January: what about supplies at the end of March?

Original message from 03/29/2022: Düsseldorf – As of the end of March, the PS5 is still in high demand, but unfortunately hard to get on a regular basis or at regular prices. Unfortunately, even in the still young year of 2022, Sony doesn’t even come close to meeting the demand for its latest console. In short: the PlayStation 5 remains almost impossible to get, even from the largest providers, such as MediaMarkt, Saturn or Amazon, and gamers who are willing to buy are desperately grasping straws. Such straw has often been the smaller distributor MediMax in the past. You were there over and over again. But what is the current status of console supplies? We take a closer look at the PS5 situation with this provider.

When was the last time MediMax sold the PS5? As with many well-known German PS5 vendors, the last PS5 delivery at MediMax was months ago. Although MediMax used to offer consoles regularly, the last sale was on January 12, 2022. There was no restocking in February, and also not in March yet. But the last drop had a decent amount in its baggage and was able to make a lot of PS5 hunters happy. For a longer period of time, new PS5 consoles were unlocked at launch, and unusually, the campaign didn’t just last a few minutes.

What is the current PS5 supply situation at MediMax? Since the drop in January, MediMax has been completely silent regarding the PS5. Sony’s latest console is currently not available there, only some accessories and games for PlayStation 5 can currently be purchased at MediMax.

The most important links to the PS5 on Medimax: Here you will find all the previous offers related to the PS5, as well as the overview page of the latest PlayStation:

Some links may generate a maintenance alert if the product in question is not available. If new PS5 products are added, we will add them to this overview as soon as possible.

When will MediMax start selling the PS5 again? Since the morning of March 29, 2022, a rumor has been circulating in the PS5 hunter scene that today, March 29, MediMax could finally have a new PS5 sales campaign. Meanwhile, the rumors also speak of an hour: around 3:00 p.m., it could be until now, they say. As always with rumours, you should treat the whole thing with due caution, but a closer look at Medimax shouldn’t hurt at this point.

Buy PS5: MediMax should keep console hunters in mind

© MediMax/Sony/Unsplash

We will keep a close eye on the whole thing for you and let you know if the rumors really turn out to be true. You can learn more about the general supply situation this week here: Shop PS5: Ticker on March 29. – 2 replenishment guarantees this week is still exciting

Which should also interest many PS5 hunters: one day before the official announcement, the free monthly PS Plus games for April 2022 have just been leaked! You can find out more here: PS Plus April 2022: Free Games Leaked: Controversial Games for PS5 and PS4

Image of rubric list: © MediMax/Sony/Unsplash

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