Buy PS5 from Conrad: Sold out online, but you will find it in branches


If you want to buy the PS5 from Conrad, you need to visit one of the branches now. Because customers report console bundles available with FIFA 22 and Horizon Forbidden West.

Conrad stocks consoles in his stores.

Conrad stocks consoles in his stores.

  • The PS5 is also available from Conrad. Bundles were seen again in the branches.
  • The console is currently sold out in the online store.
  • Alternatively, you can get a console with an electricity contract.

Electronics retailer Conrad is currently unable to offer the PS5 online, but the possibilities in stores appear to be increasing. Customer reports for the electronics retailer are surging online.

According to this, the packages made up of the PlayStation 5 and the FIFA 22 and Horizon Forbidden West games could be purchased for 689 euros in various branches.

in conrad Buy PS5*


in conrad Buy PS5 Controller*


You can use the Conrad Branch Locator to find local stores in your area. Call and ask for availability. Maybe you’ll be lucky.

Alternative providers of the PS5

If you don’t have a Conrad branch near you, you can also try pre-ordering at Media Markt and Saturn or Gamestop. Just ask.

If you are already looking for a new electricity or gas supply contract, you should take a look at the E for SIMPLE. Here you get the PS5 along with Horizon Forbidden West and 12 months of PS Plus as a bonus for a new contract. You just have to make a deposit of 299 euros and the console can be put into operation 14 days after the contract has been confirmed.

PS5 in giveaways

Nestlé is still offering some delicious competition until April 30, 2022. When you buy the KitKat and Lion promo packs, you’ll receive a winning code that you can enter into the Nestlé marketplace and win one of a total of 999 PS5 disc-drive consoles. . .

If you are more of a sports gamer, you can also take part in the Freeletics and Horizon Forbidden West competition. Here you can take part in the 30 day challenge and win one of the coveted PS5 consoles.

Alternatively, Sony itself is offering its PlayStation Direct service another go on the console. You’ll need to sign up here and you’ll receive an email once you’ve been randomly selected for a console purchase offer. Unfortunately, there’s no telling how long you’ll have to wait to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 this way.

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With a few tricks, you can buy the PS5 faster than other customers. You can read in our test report on the PlayStation 5 whether Sony’s new console is really impressive.

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