Buy PS5: location at OTTO on April 2. – Traders with the best replenishment chances

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There was still no PS5 launch at OTTO in March. The chances for console supplies this week aren’t bad for gamers.

Update April 2, 2022 at 9:15 am: The focus of many PS5 fans is currently on OTTO. There has been speculation about a further drop for days and the chances are pretty good. The competition had been presented this week and many buyers were already expecting that OTTO would also organize a delivery at the end of the week. Nothing came of it, but it could happen as soon as next week. So you have to keep an eye on OTTO in particular.

console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (You)
Writes stationary game console
Generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu-ray, SSD
break free November 19, 2020

Update April 1, 2022 at 8:50 am: Also this morning, the focus of many PS5 hunters is on OTTO, rightly so. The Hamburg mail-order company is currently the most likely distributor of new consoles. If the PS5 distributor goes down, the console will likely be offered in the morning. However, there were also afternoon sales at OTTO. If there is a PS5 drop, we will let you know in due time.

Update of 03/31/2022, 09:43: Nothing has happened at OTTO so far, but it’s still exciting. Although the retailer often arrived around 9:15am, there were already PS5 supplies there by 10:00am or around 2:00pm We recommend keeping an eye on OTTO today and (if nothing arrives today) tomorrow too . Because the provider was also able to surprise with the consoles on Friday, even if the focus so far has been on Thursday.

Buy PS5: OTTO is the most promising replacement candidate for the rest of the week

Update of 03/31/2022, 8:40 am: Everything is quiet at OTTO. But if there are any new PS5 consoles to buy today, then probably here. OTTO is the only one of the big retailers that hasn’t had a restock this week. And if OTTO goes down this week (which is not certain), then probably today. Because most of the sales campaigns have been there lately, especially on Thursdays. So it might definitely be worth paying more attention there today.

Update of 03/30/2022, 11:32 am: After 3 PS5 sales campaigns this week (at Saturn, MediMax and Amazon), there is still a chance of a replenishment. Who else could fall now? You can learn more about the general restocking situation here: Buy PS5: After Amazon’s campaign, who could drop this week?

Update of 03/30/2022, 09:05: The long-awaited PS5 drop at OTTO hasn’t happened yet, but the chances of new consoles aren’t bad at the moment. We advise keeping an eye on OTTO. Although Amazon is the prime candidate for a PS5 drop today, OTTO’s chances are still pretty good.

Update of 03/29/2022, 11:10 am: This should also interest many PS5 hunters: one day before the official announcement, the free monthly PS Plus games for April 2022 have just been leaked! You can find out more here: PS Plus April 2022: Free Games Leaked: Controversial Games for PS5 and PS4

The source is again the dealabs platform, which has always been right with all its predictions about PlayStation Plus. By the way, there was also a new leak of the successor to PS Plus: PS Plus Neo: prices and content leaked: that’s on Sony’s super subscription

Update of 03/29/2022: The new week already brought a PS5 drop on Saturn, on OTTO it is still quiet. However, you should keep a close eye on this PS5 provider in the current week.

Because OTTO is known as a regular supplier of consoles and guarantor of replenishment, but it has not dropped in more than a month, not even in March. If there are still consoles there in March, then this week. Therefore, the retailer in the PS5 hunter scene is trading alongside MediaMarkt and Saturn, as well as Amazon, as one of the four most popular restock candidates for the current week. In short: Keep your eyes open on OTTO!

Here is an overview of the most important OTTO links:

Original message from March 26, 2022:

Hamburg: Players still need to be patient. After a barren February, we now have to overcome an equally sad March. The Sony PS5 is currently in short supply. The large-scale console replenishment was basically the last time before Christmas. Many are wondering when the great PS5 drought will finally end. Müller brought a first ray of hope with a crash on Friday. OTTO is one of the few dealers that occasionally had stock of the console in stock. How likely is another PS5 action at OTTO in the coming days?

Buy PS5: last replacement of consoles at OTTO in February

When was the last time you were able to buy the Sony PS5 from OTTO? Players have been sitting on hot coals for a whole month. The Sony PS5 was last available for purchase at OTTO in February. PlayStation 5 fans could get it on February 21 from the OTTO store. However, the replenishment was much less than that of the players who were used to it in the past. In the end, only a small contingent of consoles were sold at OTTO.

Buy PS5 from OTTO: Replenishment next week – Good console chances

© OTTO/Sony/Unsplash

What is the current status of the Sony PS5 at OTTO? The traditional retailer from Hamburg is still silent about the Sony PS5. However, OTTO stands alone with his nieces with this tactic, all major German console distributors fail to comment on the availability of the Sony PS5. This is not yet to be expected. Retailers are likely to continue to simply put consoles online and sell the PS5 without warning. Aside from the official reports, the rumors surrounding OTTO are also pretty cold at the moment.

Buy PS5: Good chances of new consoles at OTTO

When will OTTO’s new PS5 consoles be available again? The chances of restocking OTTO’s consoles are not bad at the moment. Normally, OTTO sells the PS5 at least once a month. A PS5 drop at OTTO is still planned for March. In the course of the recent movement in the PS5 market (MediaMarkt and Müller sold supplies last week), we think it’s very likely that OTTO may also sell PS5 consoles next week. So be sure to keep an eye on the PS5 retailer in the coming days, things could be up and running again soon.

As soon as there are new Sony PlayStation 5 supplies to buy, we’ll let you know on our PS5 ticker. Here you can find all the important information about possible console launches and rumors about the availability of PS5. Always up to date and up to date, so you are always up to date when it comes to Sony PS5. Feel free to stop by if you’re looking for console supplies. *Affiliate link

List of rubrics: © OTTO/Sony/Unsplash

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