Buy PS5: Ticker on April 4. – Replenishment guarantee is hot right at the start of the week

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The PS5 is still in high demand, even in April. We take a look at the top replenishment candidates and reveal who’s particularly hot right now.

Update 4/4/2022, 7:25 am: Good morning PS5 hunters. From today it’s time again: new week, new luck. But where should you be most careful right now? Which retailers are currently considered particularly popular on the scene?

Well, in general, many well-known suppliers here in Germany are behind on new PS5 supplies and could theoretically drop at any time without warning. Also, a new month has now started, so in general, you should now keep an eye on the larger PS5 distributors, such as MediaMarkt, Saturn or Amazon. But one provider is currently considered particularly attractive.

Since the middle of last week, almost all major German providers have pulled out: first MediaMarkt, then Saturn and Amazon. There were also drops at one or another smaller retailer like MediMax or Müller during this period. But one of the biggest replacement guarantors is still missing: OTTO. This vendor was already marketed as one of the top resupply candidates for the past week (for everyone else, predictions and scene assessments have come true), but it hasn’t dropped so far and thus remains trendy this week. OTTO is considered to have the highest chance of going down this week. But why?

First of all, OTTO, like many other PS5 distributors, is generally behind schedule. The last release here was on February 21, in March there were no new PS5 consoles. However, OTTO is considered a regular replacement guarantor. Also, the scene considers it unlikely that all the other big German providers (MMS, Amazon) have apparently received supplies (and already sold), but OTTO got nothing. Here one speculates more on the decision to deliberately push the sale until April and thus closer to Easter business. So keep an eye on OTTO again today.

Also, another name that has been popping up in the PS5 hunter community lately is Euronics. There haven’t been any new PS5 restocks here since the end of last year, even if the distributor had previously been able to convince with a regular restock.

In short: Many retailers today could drop out of the blue without warning. You should especially keep an eye on OTTO. But a careful look at the other three major providers (MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon) is also recommended, even if all three had recently offered the PS5. Euronics could be a possible insider tip.

Of course, we at will closely follow the supply situation and all developments related to the PS5 and will inform you as soon as possible if there are any movements in this regard. And by the way, in case you haven’t noticed. Since last week we have been getting rich from a possible PS5 supplier: Buy PS5: Kaufland is entering the console business: are new supplies planned?

Update on April 3, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.Note: If you’re still looking for the PS5, you should also keep an eye on the competitions. There you can dust off a console completely free of charge. You have the best chances, among other things, with this campaign: Competition as an alternative: feed gummy bears for free PS5

console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
maker Sony Interactive Entertainment (You)
Writes stationary game console
Generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu-ray, SSD
break free November 19, 2020

Original message from April 3, 2022: Hamburg: Sony’s PS5 is in incredible demand and hard to come by even more than a year after its release. The few drops are completely used up in a few minutes. But if you’re quick enough, you can wait for the supply waves and secure the console. We show you the current situation on the PS5 on the ticker and tell you where the supplies can be found.

Buy PS5: huge wave of supplies gives hope of many drops

Where was the last time you bought the PS5? At the end of March there were finally supplies in some places. Nothing happened here for almost two months and the drops stagnated. The last drop took place on March 30. held at Amazon. Quite a few PS5s were sold there. Since then things have calmed down a bit. The exact overview of the drop can be found here:

  • The current status of the new PS5 consoles from the most popular retailers
  • PS5 location at MediaMarkt and Saturn –> PS5 last released on 03/23/2022 (MM) and 03/28/2022 (Saturn): Medium chances of restocking at MediaMarkt and little chance of restocking PlayStation 5 at Saturn
  • PS5 location on Amazon –> Last PS5 release on 03/30/2022: Medium-high console reset chances
  • PS5 location on OTTO –> PS5 last released on 02/21/2022: High chances of console replacement
  • PS5 Location on Expert –> PS5 last released on 01/05/2022 (in store): Medium-high console reset chances
  • PS5 situation in Müller –> Last PS5 release on 03/25/2022: Medium-high console reset chances
  • PS5 location in PlayStation Direct –> Last release of PS5 on March 17, 2022: medium chances of restocking the console
  • PS5 location in alternative –> Last big PS5 drop on 02/28/2021 (false alarm): Low chances of console replacement
  • PS5 location at Euronics –> PS5 last released on 12/29/2021: High chances of console replacement
  • PS5 Status at MediMax –> PS5 Last Released on 03/29/2022: Low chances of console replacement
  • PS5 Status in Kaufland –> Last PS5 Release on 03/30/2022: Medium-high console reset chances
  • PS5 location at GameStop –> PS5 consoles are only sold in store
  • PS5 Location on ComputerUniverse –> PS5 Last Released on 01/04/2022: Medium-high chances of console restocking
  • PS5 Cyberport Location –> PS5 Last Released on 08/17/2021: Low chances of console replacement
  • PS5 location on MyToys –> PS5 last released on 12/13/2021: Low chances of console replacement
  • PS5 location at Smyths Toys –> PS5 last released on 10/27/2021: Low chances of console replacement
  • PS5 Status in Game Grotto –> Latest PS5 Release on March 17, 2021: Low chances of console replacement
  • PS5 Location in Conrad –> PS5 last released in store on 01/14/2022: Low chances of console replacement
  • PS5 Real Location –> PS5 Last Released in Store on 12/04/2021: Low chances of console replacement
  • PS5 location on Coolblue –> No sale yet: Low chances of console replacement

Which retailers are particularly trendy? All eyes are currently on OTTO. The retailer hasn’t sold the PS5 in over a month and was the top console stop along with MediaMarkt, Saturn and Amazon. So something could definitely happen here in the next few days.

Euronics is also interesting. You haven’t been able to get your hands on a PS5 here since December, while there were clearly regular supplies in the months before. So it could very well be that something will finally happen here as well. Other interesting retailers are Kaufland and Expert. You should definitely keep an eye on them too.

Buy PS5: Ticker on 03.04. – The best drop chances at these merchants.

© Sony/Amazon/MediaMarkt/GameStop/Saturn/Müller/Expert

Buy PS5: Lots of supplies in sight: Is the situation finally looking up?

When will the PS5 situation finally improve? That’s hard to say. Sony itself announced delivery bottlenecks during the first months of the year. This was particularly noticeable in February and March. The situation only improved towards the end of March. This could mean that more drops will slowly start to occur again.

Overall though, you should expect the PS5 to remain hard to come by. This situation will probably remain the same throughout the year. If you want to get your hands on a PS5 without too much stress, you should stop by: Order PS5 Now – All Distributors Who Have Supplies

List of rubrics: © Sony/Amazon/MediaMarkt/GameStop/Saturn/Müller/Expert

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