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PS4 and PS5 game deals: the best deals

It doesn’t always have to be full price! Whether you’re looking for new PS5 games or fresh Playstation 4 fodder, you can grab a wide range of the best titles from Amazon and Co. that are regularly discounted. You should grab these current hits here! By the way: Rumors about a revival of the PS5 also on Amazon are getting stronger. So if you’re looking to buy a PlayStation 5, and we all know you want to, keep your eyes and ears open.

Best Seller: Marvel’s Avengers

The superhero saga game is a bestseller on Amazon. No wonder – entertaining gameplay and really stylish graphics beckon here. If you feel like playing the action game now, you can get it for PS4 at a particularly good price: ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ will cost you just 17 euros on Amazon – Wow!

Action Hit: Alan Wake Remastered

In this award-winning action thriller Almost like a movie, writer Alan Wake goes in search of his missing wife Alice. The remastered version for PS5 or PS4 convinces with revised visual fidelity and is currently cheaper on Amazon!

Today’s Best Deal: Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection

Along with “Horizon” and “God of War”, “Uncharted” is one of the most important exclusive series on PlayStation, and with “Legacy of Thieves Collection”, the manufacturer Sony relaunches part 4 plus the technically impressive addition. -on: With great characters, fantastic settings and brilliant gameplay, you’re playing one of the best action adventures of the PS4 generation, but with the power of your PS5! You can read more impressions in our extensive test, “Uncharted” is currently costing you on the latest console only 41 euros!

elden ring

Newly released in 2022 and on sale now: The Elden Ring game for PS4 and PS5 is now available in the Launch Edition and Standard Edition at a reduced price on Amazon.

Forbidden Horizon West

A huge world, endless possibilities, unlimited adventures, monsters and much more. Horizon Forbidden West offers days of fun and is already one of the top games of 2022. Here you can buy the game on Amazon for a cheaper price.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Now you can also get “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” at a low price. The latest part of the epic series of games from Ubisoft costs on Amazon now only 35 euros you save almost 50 percent compared to the RRP. As a Viking, you travel from Norway to England, where you find a new settlement and search for allies in the different areas of the island. You explore a huge open world with a beautiful landscape in which meadows and forests alternate with remnants of the Roman occupation and the newly built cities of the Anglo-Saxons.

elex 2

Piranha Bytes became famous with “Gothic”, and with “Elex 2”, the studio from the Ruhr area recently released another exciting RPG. If you haven’t had time to try it out yet, now’s your chance on PlayStation 5: at least you save almost 10 euros when buying the new game currently on Amazon.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Death Stranding got a Director’s Cut this year, making the PS4 game even more impressive on PS5! Unite America’s post-apocalyptic remnants in Hideo Kojima’s action-packed delivery simulator starring The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. The generously revised version for PlayStation 5 offers better technology, exclusive new content and numerous features that make the ever-great game even more unique. Now available on Amazon for the special price of 33 euros!

Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition

If you don’t have the popular GTA game for PS4 yet, you should get it as soon as possible. Here you get “Grand Theft Auto V” in premium version for PS4 on sale!

just dance 2022

Hasn’t much happened this year? Let’s go then! Thanks to smartphone compatibility, you don’t need any additional technology to start dancing with “Just Dance 2022” right away. Regardless, now’s a great time, as Ubisoft’s move hit is discounted for both Sony consoles: you save 20 euros on PS5. And now you can also buy the cheapest game for PS4.

Ghost of Tsushima

If you like action in beautiful open game worlds, you should get “Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut” now: the famous game is discounted by a good 7 euros. you only pay 64 euros. However, the offer is highly coveted and only partially available. In the action adventure from the studio Sucker Punch Productions, you play as the samurai Jin Sakai who has to defend the Japanese island of Tsushima from the invading Huns in the 13th century. In view of the superiority of the enemy, he is forced to turn away from the honorable and chivalrous ideal of the samurai and fight cunningly and cunningly.

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