Destiny 2 kicks off the hardest PvE ending

On Tuesday, April 5, Destiny 2 will see the return of the Frontrunners. This is a particularly difficult variant of twilight strikes for Season 16. Therefore, the challenge for the associated title “Conqueror” is not considered the ultimate discipline for PvE players for nothing. MeinMMO tells you everything you need to know to participate and what you should pay attention to.

What is a “favorite twilight”? This difficulty level is a particularly difficult variant of the six twilight attacks from the current Season 16. Bungie does absolutely nothing by halves here when it comes to the “Conqueror” title fight.

Harder is not a PvE challenge in Destiny 2: The toughest opponents await you on Dusk “Spitzer” difficulty with massive health and sturdy shields. On top of that, there are over 10 negative modifiers that will test you, your team, and your team.

Season 16 has the following Leader Strikes to choose from:

  • Scarlet Keep, Earthmoon
  • The Arms Dealer, European Dead Zone, Earth
  • The Lightblade, the throne world of Savathun
  • The Hall of Mirrors, Jupiter’s moon Europa
  • Fallen KNOW, Cosmodrome, Earth
  • Birthplace of Evil, Throneworld of Savathun

Even a high power level won’t help you in the challenge, because Frontrunner’s Twilight is played in competitive mode. This means that the activity’s power level requirement is normally 1600, but each player is capped at 1575 power levels. An inconvenience that presents a formidable challenge for most players, since you are a one-shot of almost everything.

There are also other obstacles on the way to victory:

  • Enemies can take more hits, deal more damage, and are much more aggressive.
  • You’re facing maximum unrelenting champions and your loadout is locked.
  • Revives are limited and auto-respawn is disabled.
  • You only get extra revives if you kill champions.
  • The final boss encounter allows for little to no error and needs team coordination.
  • Also, the darkness will slowly rob you of your ability to revive teammates. After 45 minutes, all lives gained up to that point are gone.

These master rewards await you: If you are victorious, you can of course also expect loot for the excellent performance of the leader. For one thing, you get the twilight weapons as a master variant and have higher chances for exotic armor and masterwork materials. Just like in the tests, the master mods also fall into the leader.

At the beginning these two weapons await you:

  • The Palindrome – 140 Void Hand Cannon
  • Plug-One.1 – Arc Fusion Rifle
You can get these weapons as a master version in the main corridor.

In the upcoming main twilights, you can also earn the following twilight weapons as master versions:

  • The Comedian, Void Shotgun
  • The Hothead Arc Missile Launcher
  • Mandatory – Kinetic 600 Auto Rifle
  • Silicon Neuroma – .72 Kinetic Sniper Rifle

Triumph “Conqueror” Title – How To Get It

If you still want to get the “Conqueror” title, which you receive for completing 6 Dawning: The Crucible on Apex difficulty, then take the opportunity. Bungie changed the requirement for the title last season.

This has changed for the Conqueror title: In the past, to get the title, it was necessary to complete the six leading twilights in one season, that is, in three months. However, Bungie changed that, making the title accessible to more players.

From now on, it’s enough if players complete a total of six turns on the Leader difficulty level over multiple seasons. Only the gold plating of the title must be completed within a season.

Many titles that had tough challenges have been toned down. Unbroken will also be replaced soon:

Only 6% of players own this rare title in Destiny 2 and it will soon no longer be available

To gild the Conqueror title: If you’ve already earned the Conqueror title, you’ll have a special pick node available right at the start of Hard PvE mode. Allows you to start any of the six Nightfall Strikes immediately on Leader difficulty.

So you no longer have to wait until the end of the season and can start completing the associated gold plating challenges right away.

Is there a secret recipe for victory in Leader?

Not really. With each shot from your opponents killing you, you’ll often need to take cover and work together to take out all the enemies.

Mainly because Bungie has already announced that particularly aggressive sniping snipers with his crossbow cannot be fixed for technical reasons at this time. So defeating them will be crucial, especially on higher-yielding dawns like Blade of Light.

You’ll also need different tactics and possibly different weapons for each Apex Dawn. So if you’re playing in the Fireteam, it’s helpful to strategize with coordinated mods and weapons. Here too you should have a solid choice of weapons to be flexible.

Despicable Snipers are currently dealing excessive damage.

However, anyone who already plays Twilight Trial by Fire regularly, as a team or solo, for Grandmasters already has a good deal of background knowledge that can be used and expanded upon for favorites.

Otherwise, it’s important to save or generate power and special ammo so you can quickly take down certain targets if you need to. Keep your teammates alive with Supers. Also, don’t forget to use the Power Orb generation mods to get your abilities back up quickly and counter enemies hard.

What are you saying? Are you ready for the most difficult PvE mode in Destiny 2? Do you want to prove yourself again and become “Conqueror” and gild the title? Or is the activity too difficult for you? Tell us in the comments.

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