Details on The Last of Us 3 and the multiplayer spin-off

A leak tells us naughty dogs current plans too the last of us 3 and the multiplayer spin-off. Some details about the upcoming multiplayer were already known. The plans for the sequel are completely new. Likewise, the still anonymous title of a fantasy adventure.

The new and old multiplayer title

Unfortunately, since the release of the last of us part 2Almost two years ago, it did not receive any updates, such as the promised multiplayer mode. Initially, this would have another mode in the last of us part 2 should be, later it became known that multiplayer should become a completely separate title. However, only recently have clues, such as different skins for a multiplayer mode, been found in the hidden data of the last of us 2 discovered.

To a new The Last of Us multiplayer ála

The Last of Us 2 factions – ©Naughty Dog; Assembly: DailyGame

What was previously known about the multiplayer title?

The title of your own multiplayer title should The last of us 2 factions ring. There should be two factions to choose from, where different types of matches would have led to upgrading weapons or armor. The opposing faction’s supplies might as well have been conquered. Yes The last of us 2 factions preserves these elements is now questionable.

What do the leaks tell us now?

Now apparently leaks have occurred naughty dog with the information that the multiplayer title has been completely overhauled and a mix of titles like Tarkov and The division will be However, the proper modes must be disabled. The last of us 2 factions have been taken. The gameplay should feel like a single player title in an online game. The revised multiplayer title should appear first in the ps5later also in personal computer. So a publishing process similar to the last of us part 2.

the last of us 3

More information is that the raw script of the last of us 3 should be finished. The title will probably appear in the manner of its predecessor. the last of us part 3 ring. The title could appear sooner than you think, because the development studio of naughty dog has been expanded. However, this is of course not set in stone and is just an assumption.

another project

A completely new project is at hand. naughty dog in progress. It is supposed to be a single player title in the fantasy genre. Neil Druckmann surprisingly he doesn’t have his hands in the game for this upcoming title.

Are the titles related to the upcoming TV series?

Because a real TV series from The last of us 2023 will appear, it seems possible that the title comes from The last of us be linked to the franchises in any way. Maybe not the last of us 3, but maybe your own multiplayer title. Actually, the actual TV series should be based on the video games. But now that everything is in development at the same time, a common consensus could be beneficial for all media.

Good things come to those who wait

We are curious to know what will appear first and when. We can already talk about a multiplayer title of The last of us be happy, the last of us 3the actual television series, as well as a new fantasy title from naughty dog. Due to the fact that the development studio has been expanded, all these mentioned titles could appear very soon in short intervals. But since he also knows the video game industry, he knows that even with release dates, big changes can happen. this was recently Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Sagaas well as the still nameless The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 the case.

the ps4 qualification the last of us part 2 It is thanks to its backwards compatibility for the ps5 interpretable. Recently, new recordings of movement sets were shared, which are certainly not for the last of us 3 they were (or maybe they were?).

Puff up: via oopsleaks, via oopsleaks

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