Diablo 3: Season 26 start date is official

In Diablo 3, the start date for Season 26 is finally known. It starts in mid-April. We show you the patch notes for patch 2.7.3.

What’s new? Blizzard has now officially confirmed when Season 26 will start for you. There are also the final patch notes for patch 2.7.3, showing you all the changes in the new chapter.

When does season 26 start? Season 26 begins on April 15 at 17:00 CEST. Patch 2.7.3, on the other hand, is expected to be released on April 12. This is just a few days after the season 25 finale.

Season 26 Endgame Changes: Season Theme, Haedrig’s Gift, and Changes

The theme of the season: Season 26 comes with the theme of the season, Echoing Nightmare, and introduces a new activity for the first time as the theme of the season. You can think of Echoing Nightmare as an event where waves of enemies spawn repeatedly in a confined space. As you progress, the enemies will get stronger and stronger.

The challenge is to survive as long as possible. The feature already existed in 2015, but it should be better now.

Cosmetic rewards: As you know from past seasons in Diablo 3, Season 26 also has some old cosmetic rewards for players who were unable to unlock during the actual period. There are also new cosmetic rewards. You can win both.

The old items are originally from season 14. These are:

  • The boots and pants from the exclusive Conqueror set
  • A series of portrait frames
  • A flag

For completing Season 26, you will receive the Keepsake of Rakkis portrait frame along with the companion Nibbler Demon.

Haedrig’s Gift: If you complete Chapters 2, 3, and 4 in the Season Journal, you will receive Haedrig’s Gifts in return, which contain class set parts. After completing Chapter 4, you will have a full set of classes if you open all the presents with the same character.

These sets are available in Haedrig’s Gift Season 26:

Diablo 3 Season 26 Haedrig's Gift All Classes
This is what Haedrig’s Gift Class Sets look like in Season 26.

Achievements in Season 26: Each season has a select few achievements that you can complete. You need some of them to successfully complete the Season Journey. In S26 these are:

  • Greed (Greed HC)
  • Speed ​​Demon (Streamlined HC)
  • Mineral Collection (I must have them all HC)
  • Simply Divine (Lionheart HC)
  • Portalomania (HC Dynasty)

On the next page we show you the Patch Notes for Season 26 in German.

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