Dyson Zone: ANC headphones with breathable air filter – FFP2 mask possible

Dyson has introduced active noise canceling headphones that also clean the air you breathe. A real eye-catcher! Update: This is how it works with the FFP2 mask.

Update April 1, 2022:

Dyson has given us details about the FFP2 protection feature in the ‘Dyson Zone’. So it goes like this: “You can use a standard FFP2 mask with the Dyson Zone. But Dyson also supplies FFP2 masks and they will also be available through us. The masks we deliver fit the product perfectly and here you can ensure wearing comfort. use commercially available FFP2 masks, no problem.

The FFP2 mask is placed under the visor in the FFP2 mask holder.

End of quote

The strange-looking new product is called the “Dyson Zone.” First of all, these are over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC). Music is streamed via Bluetooth. So far nothing unusual.

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But at the same time, a kind of “visor” with breathable air filters is also part of it. This leads to an unusual construction for everyday use, as can be easily seen in the photo that accompanies this report. However, unlike face masks, this “visor” does not touch the mouth area directly, but is located directly in front of it. The air is sucked in by compressors in the area of ​​the headset and cleaned there in filters and then exits behind the visor and thus directly in front of the mouth in a stream of air. For situations where wearing a mask is mandatory, Dyson Zone also offers the option of wearing an FFP2 mask, as Engadget explains. This FFP2 mask then comes under the visor.

This “visor” is magnetically attached to the ear cups and can be quickly removed. The device also has hinges that allow you to fold down the visor so you can have a normal conversation with other people without having to remove the entire gadget. The effect of the filter can also be adjusted so that when you need more air, for example when climbing stairs, you get it right away. Dyson even installs an accelerometer that automatically adjusts airflow regulation at a higher walking pace.

The photo illustrates the airflow.

Dyson promises that the filter will filter out 99 percent of particles. The filter should be replaced after about a year, although the specific period of use depends on the use. Six years of research is said to have gone into the device.

An employee of The Verge has already been able to test a prototype. Based on this, the ANC should work solidly and you should be able to feel air being pressed into your mouth. But the overall construction should carry a noticeable weight. Also, he can easily hear the hum of air compressors when he’s not listening to music.

Sales begin fall 2022

The start of sales should be in the fall of 2022. Dyson has not yet given any information about the price. Information on battery life and weight is also missing.


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