Final Fantasy XIV: Major Update 6.1 already has a release date

Square Enix is ​​currently having more success than ever with Final Fantasy XIV, so it’s no wonder they continue to work diligently on new content. The new update to version 6.1 now has a specific release date.

Therefore, the proven video format “Live from the Producer” was streamed once again to devote detailed attention to the upcoming version 6.1 update called “Newfound Adventure”. Among other things, there was a new trailer to watch, which you can find below, but also more details about the patch. This should be available from April 12, 2022, in just a few days.

By the way, producer and director Naoki Yoshida dedicated himself to the main scenario quests in the update and the “Tataru’s Great Enterprise” side quest. Otherwise, there is also a new content assistant in Fouks. With this system, it will be possible to complete all four-player dungeons and trials as a single player with a group of NPCs. Additionally, a major overhaul of West Wind Cape and later Trials is planned to make them more accessible to new players and tailored for a single player experience. The content assistant will also be expanded in future updates to support content from patch 2.x, the Heavensward expansion, and future content.

According to official information, the list of the main features of the next major update is as follows:

  • New Main Scenario Quests: Patch 6.1 opens a new chapter for Warriors of Light.
  • New 24-player Alliance Raid: “Myths of Eorzea (Part 1) In the Realm of the Gods: Aglaia”, the first installment in a new series of Alliance raids developed, will subject players to divine challenges as they discover more about the deities known as ” the Twelve.”
  • New Tribal Quests: Starting with patch 6.15, players will be able to tackle new Arkasodara Tribe quests available for combat classes and jobs of all kinds.
  • New residential area – Land for sale in Empyreum, the new residential area of ​​Ishgardian. A general description of the system for the free purchase of land and an initial schedule for the purchase of land by lottery was presented.
  • New Test: Eschatos – Endsinger – Players can face an extremely difficult test, “Eschatos – Endsinger”.
  • Adventurer Passports (Beta Version) – The ins and outs of the new Adventurer Passes (beta version) have been announced. A character’s current appearance can be captured as a portrait, which can then be customized using adjustable lighting, animation, and camera perspective. Multiple portraits can be saved for future use. Character profiles can also be enriched with information such as favorite job and title, preferred play style, active play time, and more.
  • PvP Updates – Additional details on new small-scale PvP content called “Crystalline Conflict” have been revealed, including the new reward system and PvP dates.
  • more contentincluding job customizations, the ability to try on gear from the FFXIV online store, system updates, and more.

Patch 6.1 will also add a new dungeon and dream trial, “Hero’s Song of Ultima”. Added to this is the new Voyage Codex, a collection of information about characters and game terms that will be filled in as the game progresses through the main stage of 6.1.

More updates are already planned with patches 6.11 including new hard content “Dragon War (fatal)”, 6.15 with more side quests and new wanted drops, as well as 6.18 with the journey between data centers.

Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 6.1 New Adventure Trailer

Square Enix has released patch 6.1 for Final Fantasy XIV.

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