Finally for 499 euros at Saturn and Media Markt

Buy Xbox Series X: Available Now on Saturn

Updated April 2: Today the Xbox Series X is available at Saturn and also at Media Markt, alternatively you can also get it at Saturn in the Far Cry 6 bundle for 539 euros. Being fast pays off!

Your chances of an Xbox Series X

If you want to be the proud owner of the great Xbox, you have it almost as hard as PS5 friends: the Xbox Series X is in high demand and therefore often sold out everywhere. Only sometimes there are quotas at different dealers. A special subscription model, which we will present to you below, promises more success.

Xbox Series X on Amazon

Our recommendation: Regularly check the availability of Xbox Series X on Amazon. There are always raises here. If you don’t feel like waiting, you should consider buying a used Xbox, for example, through the second-hand dealer Here you have a good opportunity to get a console quickly.

Xbox Series X at Otto, Alternate, Saturn and Co.

OTTO recently offered a bundle consisting of Xbox Series X and “Halo Infinite” for €699 and the Elite Controller, but unfortunately the offer is now out of stock again. Recently, the Xbox Series X was briefly available from Amazon, Media Markt, and Saturn, among others. Even in the new year, it’s usually hard to get your hands on a single Xbox Series X. Inventory is simply thin among retailers, even if short-term sales campaigns start over and over again, most recently at Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn, and Microsoft directly.

xbox series x gaming

Xbox Series X Restock: safe consoles now in Media Markt and Saturn

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Is Xbox All Access worth it?

However, Microsoft recently abandoned the service Full access to Xbox started in Germany, which may remedy the situation: here you can get an Xbox Series X on loan for EUR 32.99 per month, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for two years. The subscription lasts for 24 months, after which the console is yours. Next generation in installments, so to speak.

For a long time it was possible to get an Xbox Series X easily in this way. So the subscription was limited, but now it’s available again. Otherwise, you can also get an Xbox Series X from Saturn and Media Markt through Xbox All Access, but only for in-store pickup. You can read exactly how this works on the dealer’s website:

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S gaming

Xbox All Access: Insurance now from 25 euros per month

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buy xbox controller

Have you managed to get your hands on an Xbox and are looking for the right controller so you can start playing multiplayer right away? Our tip is the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which is currently discounted on Amazon.

When will the Xbox Series X be available again?

The Xbox Series X is still very rare overall, but it shows up from time to time. For example, it was recently briefly available from Amazon, Saturn, and Media Markt, as well as direct from Microsoft. Local merchants may also have at least small contingents on their store shelves, though not for long or in large numbers. But if you keep your eyes open and attack in time, you can get lucky.

This is how the Xbox Series X was sold and last available

It’s still not that easy to get your hands on an Xbox Series X. After several weeks of a total delivery halt, individual contingents are now showing up at retailers again, but these sell out rarely and quickly. Being quick and possibly ordering stock from your local dealer may pay off. So availability is always changing. Therefore, we keep this article updated.

Don’t feel like waiting? Buy Xbox Series S!

Tired of waiting forever for the Xbox Series X? Xbox Series S may be a good alternative for you, especially if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and want to play a lot of games at a subscription price.

The little sister console is permanently available at many retailers, plays the same games as the Xbox Series X, is significantly cheaper, and is a good option if you can live with the following limitations:

  • Without unit: You must download games to the Series S and cannot insert them onto discs. The console also cannot play DVDs or Blu-rays.
  • Without native 4K: The Xbox Series S natively only plays games in 1080p resolution, but can upscale them to 4K resolution. If you don’t have a 4K TV or resolution isn’t that important to you, the console is worth a look.
  • Less internal memory: The Xbox Series S only comes with 512GB of internal storage instead of the Xbox Series X’s 1TB. That’s pretty small, but you can expand the capacity with either the dedicated SSD storage expansion card or a hard drive. Standard USB.
  • Minor performance differences: Aside from the lower resolution, the Xbox Series S offers slightly lower performance than the big next-gen Xbox in some games. Some games run at a lower frame rate or without ray tracing. But these are rather exceptions.

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