Firefox 99: credit card data in the browser and twelve security holes closed

In addition to the integration of new features, version 99 of Firefox also closes security holes. One of the new features is that the text is read aloud in reading mode with the shortcut “n”. Users can access reading mode by pressing F9 or clicking the “Toggle Reading View” icon at the top right of the address bar. You can easily read the text aloud by pressing the “n” key.

Also new is the option to automatically insert credit card information. This information can, for example, about:preferences added to the security and data protection settings in “Saved credit cards”. The developers are aware that this may pose a security risk. Therefore, users can be configured to authenticate with the user account’s Windows password before autofill. Also, Firefox does not save the CVV number, it must be added manually.

Add credit card in Firefox browser

Add credit card in Firefox browser

Store credit card data in the browser

(Image: Mozilla)

The sandbox on Linux systems is now more secure. Processes that come into contact with web content can no longer access the X Window System (X11). Additionally, Firefox 99 now officially allows an umlaut search in the PDF viewer.

Security is also not neglected with the ’99 version. Mozilla developers have sealed a total of twelve vulnerabilities in it. Of these, they classify four vulnerabilities as high risk for users, five as medium, and another three as low risk. A high-risk vulnerability with Firefox ESR version 91.8 is also fixed. The developers write that some of the high and medium risk vulnerabilities could possibly be misused to inject and execute malicious code. Therefore, it is recommended to install the update quickly.

You can find out if Firefox is up to date by clicking the application menu icon at the top right next to the address bar, then “Help” – “About Firefox”. Here the current status is displayed or the download and installation are started. Then it is necessary to restart the browser.

Firefox dialog when downloading the update.

Firefox dialog when downloading the update.

Firefox dialog when downloading the update.

(Image: screenshot).


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