First iPad with OLED screen only from 2024?

Mini-LED seems to be just an intermediate step 2 minutes of reading

Anyone looking forward to an iPad with an OLED screen will have to wait a few more years. After that, we can also expect MacBooks with such displays.

For devices, most of which is the screen, this plays a big role. In addition to resolution, the type of panel is particularly important. While there was no way around LCD screens years ago, liquid crystals have now been replaced by OLEDs, at least in mid-range and high-end smartphones.

There were reports of the first iPad with OLED last year. At the time, there was even talk that the iPad Air could possibly switch from LCD to OLED starting in 2022. As we now know, these plans – if they existed at all – were never put into action. And it will probably be a while before that happens. According to news from the South Korean publication The Elec, a The first iPad with an OLED screen will not arrive until 2024.

New generation with durable OLED panels

They refer to information about Chinese supplier BOE Technology, which wants to compete with the display divisions of Samsung and LG with a new production line for Gen 8.6 OLED panels. In contrast to Gen 8.5, which the latter has already used for various Apple devices in the past, it is Gen 8.6 most profitable.

The BOE also tests the so-called Two-stack tandem OLED technologywhich promises increased brightness and longevity, which is particularly important for iPads and MacBooks: users tend to keep them longer than smartphones.

iPad and MacBook switched to mini-LED

After LCD, Apple had previously decided on mini-LED for the iPad Pro, but only for the larger 12.9-inch model. According to previous rumors, a new iPad Pro in the 11-inch version with mini-LED will also appear this year. Some MacBook models have also been modified. In bright environments, the differences between Mini-LED and OLED are probably not as dramatic, but even more so in dark environments, where OLED with deeper black levels scores.


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