Free for Android and iOS: These apps and games are currently free

Also this week, many mobile apps and games that really cost money are being offered for free. In this article we list these offers for iOS and Android.

If you have noticed that you have an indecent amount of storage space on your smartphone, here is a fabulous opportunity to change it with the help of free apps. But as you know, the deals we fish for you on the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore are only free for a limited time.

This means that you have to be quick with the download. And in the case of iOS, unfortunately we cannot predict how long the free phase will last. If you find that an app recommended here is subject to a charge again, we’d love to hear from you!

Also free for 1 month:
Almost 170 TV channels on up to 5 devices simultaneously

A little hint: Have you found an app that is fundamentally exciting to you, but you don’t need it right now? Just install them for a short time and pull them down. It then migrated to your app library and can be installed again at any time free of charge.

Free apps and mobile games on the Google Play Store

Free apps for your Android phone

  • qampere (€0.99): An old school media player with equalizer options to play MP3, FLAC, OGG, AAC, WMA and other audio files. (available in German)
  • Home Workouts No Pro Team (€1.79): Get in shape for the summer with a daily exercise routine with 3D animations for the different exercises. (available in German)
  • 360 mandala maker (€3.49): Create beautiful and complex mandalas with just a few parameters. (available in German)
  • Decimal to Fraction By (€0.59): Quickly convert decimals (eg, 0.75) to fractions (3/4). (available in German)
  • Log Calculator Pro (0.59 ): As the name suggests, it calculates logarithms, I just hope I never need this app…

Free Android Games

  • Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD (2.69 ): Top-down tower defense strategy game with HD graphics and a more modern setting. Very good, but also very heavy! (available in German)
  • Wonder Knights PV (3.59 ): Side-scrolling action game where you upgrade your characters to take on increasingly powerful opponents.
  • infinite dungeon (0.99 ): Simple clicker-style RPG set in a gold mine dungeon with hidden dragons. (available in German)
  • Time Hero PV (3.59 ): Simple RPG with GB-like graphics and soundtrack. Defeat monsters to upgrade your heroes. (available in German)

Zoo 2: Animal Park – Your animals, your success, your zoo game
Play for free on browser and mobile

Free apps and mobile games on the AppStore

Free apps for your iPhone and iPad

  • Starlight (2.29 ): Find the stars and planets in the night sky and learn more about them. (available in German)
  • heart (1.09 ): Organize your apps by colors and let your inner compulsion run free.
  • It’s time (1.09 ): Minimalist clock app for the entire Apple ecosystem. (available in German)
  • metal weight calculator (2.29 ): Super niche calculator to find the weight or length of a piece of metal. (available in German)
  • Degraded (1.09 ): Apply a variety of filters to photos in your gallery. (available in German)

Free iOS Games

  • fill me up (1.09 ): a simple puzzle game in which your task is to fill the playing field with oddly shaped pieces.
  • ravon (2.29 ): A free interpretation of the rhythmic genre, with a varied soundtrack in a futuristic world.
  • car driving simulator (1.09 ): a pretty gritty open world multiplayer car game for iPhone with surprisingly good reviews.
  • super starship (5.99 ): This game developer announces that there are more than 4 million planets to discover. Better start right now.
  • not chess (2.29 ): It looks like chess, but it’s a bit different. How bad can it be?

WWhat do you think of our selection this week? Have you found any other free apps or is one of the apps listed no longer free? Tell us in the comments!


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