Godfall: Ultimate Edition is now available

Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games have released Godfall: Ultimate Edition for PC and consoles.

If you have missed the Godfall game so far but want to play it, maybe now is the right time because the Ultimate Edition of the title was recently released for Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X as well as PlayStation. 4/5 and for PC released.

The Ultimate Edition includes the base game, the Primal, Lightbringer and Exalted updates, the Fire & Darkness expansion and the previously exclusive Ascended Edition and pre-order benefits.

Below is an overview of the Ultimate Edition:

  • The divine armor: Players can choose from twelve unique Breastplates of Valor with different abilities and collectible Breastplates of Valor that can be upgraded as they level up, unlocking Exalted and Noble Breastplates of Valor. Players can master all five weapon classes, each with their own playstyle and variety of longswords, polearms, warhammers, greatswords, and dual swords. Upon reaching level 50, players will receive ascended powers and bonuses.
  • Campaign in single player and cooperative: The three elemental realms of Aperion can be traveled alone or with up to two other players, with players fighting to the final showdown with the fallen knight Macros. Then the enemies Moirax and the Flameblood tribe await them in the deadly realm of fire from the Fire & Darkness expansion. The Exalted update brings many updates and story improvements that make the experience richer than ever.
  • A craftsman’s dream: There is a lot of loot in Godfall and the ability to create up to three kits for each Valor Cuirass and experiment until you find the ultimate God build.
  • A variety of final activities: Group up and take on unique endgame modes including Dreamstones, Tower of Trials, Lightbringer, and Spirit Realms for six players. Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X gamers can dive into the ultimate game together.
  • Max Level Boost: All players have the option to instantly jump to player level 50, which offers a massive amount of skill points and a range of deadly weapons for your Valor Cuirass.
  • Player Requested Features: The free Exalted update, coming with Godfall: Ultimate Edition on April 7, includes many fan-requested features and improvements. Combat is faster and smoother with a knockdown recovery ability, inventory management has been modernized and more stable, the story experience has been expanded, and there are new cosmetic options to unlock weapons and shields.
  • Xbox Exclusive Enhancements: Godfall visuals can be experienced through next-generation enhancements like Variable Refresh Rate and Dolby Vision for HDR-compatible displays, resulting in brighter reflections, sharper contrast, and more vibrant colors.

You can watch the launch trailer here:

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You can find more news, information and videos about Godfall here.

That’s what we think:
Godfall has its quirks, but the game is definitely entertaining.

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