Hardware and bites | QD-OLED 2022 TVs in the Samsung Showroom

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The PCGH video team went on a joint excursion: to the Samsung showroom in Frankfurt. What will you find there? As well as some innovations like QD-OLED technology, there may also be some opportunities for some snacks!

The first impression of the Samsung showroom

We have entered the realm of screens! Some models were presented. The showroom reflects the spirit of the times: one screen is narrower than the other. Setting up the test in our editorial office, this is now always a brittle challenge! Samsung also came up with a delight or two, like this really handy and handy projector. A stylish mobile webcam was also introduced, perfect for the already established home office setup.

The camera even seems to follow you, of course we had to test that directly!

We didn’t miss the home section either, suddenly finding ourselves in the middle of a guided tour. Well, vacuum cleaners, cookers, and stoves that communicate via LEDs aren’t really our passion, but it was very exciting to see what’s possible these days. However, the tour through the screens draws our attention again. After all, that’s what we came here for! Or was it because of the appetizers?

The heart of the presentation in 8k with QD-OLED technology

The cheesecake hunt should be over soon, but first we want to show you the controversial centerpiece of the showroom: Samsung’s own QD-OLED TV. This technology was still missing from CES, but now it’s featured here!
The sub-pixel arrangement used by QD-OLED technology apparently causes color fringing at the edges, especially with strong contrasts. This was determined by Heise on a test sample of an Alienware monitor. This was not discussed further at the event. How bad the problem will be in TVs remains to be seen, as no test samples have been shipped yet. The 65-inch has a 4K UHD panel with up to 144 Hertz and connection options with HDMI 2.1. Samsung specifies a maximum brightness of 1,500 cd/m² for the panel. It’s all plugged into a box on the back of the TV, which limits wall mounting a bit.

But now we finally want to know: after all the hardware, will there be a well-deserved appetizer for PCGH’s video team? We have received a cake blessing, all the best from us for the birthday boys of the day and thanks for the cake! In this movie theater we were able to eat this main dish with the proper flavor. Overall, Samsung’s showroom had quite a few different TVs and more to offer. The integration of a television as a fixed interior component was lovingly presented in different scenarios. We also would have liked some gaming monitors, which will probably be available next time with a few more bites.

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