IKEA NYMÅNE: smart LED pendant light for your IKEA smart home

Swedish interior decoration giant IKEA is expanding its TRÅDFRI smart home series with a pendant lamp called NYMÅNE. According to the manufacturer, it is based on a design from the 1960s, but has been visually updated to fit the existing portfolio. The lamp should be easy to control and adjust in terms of brightness and light color through an app or remote control.

IKEA NYMANE LED pendant light above the table
The IKEA NYMÅNE pendant light should fill your room with pleasant light and can also be intelligently controlled. | Image: IKEA

IKEA NYMÅNE: dimmable hanging lamp

The IKEA NYMÅNE should spread pleasant light over the dining table or, hung a little higher, throughout the room. To ensure that the light matches the mood, the light temperature can be adjusted from 2,200 Kelvin (warm white) to 4,000 Kelvin (neutral white). You can also dim them as you like. Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Diameter: 38cm
  • Cord length: 140cm
  • Luminous flux: 1,000 lumens
  • Power: 22 watts

With the built-in LED, IKEA promises much lower energy consumption than conventional light bulbs, with comparable brightness. IKEA claims 85% less energy consumption. Also, LEDs generally last much longer, but according to IKEA, the light source in the new lamp can also be replaced if necessary.

The IKEA NYMÅNE pendant lamp is available in black and white:

Control IKEA NYMÅNE through the TRÅDFRI app

With the included remote control, you can easily turn on the pendant light, dim the light and adjust its color temperature. However, you only unlock the full potential of the lamp when you connect it to the IKEA smart home system. Through the TRÅDFRI app you can link it with other smart and compatible devices and, for example, adjust the color temperature according to the time of day. All you need is the free app and a control center in the form of a TRÅDFRI gateway. You can also find this in the IKEA store:

IKEA also points out that you cannot use the IKEA NYMÅNE with a permanently installed dimmer switch.

An IKEA Symfonisk wireless speaker soon?

The smart lamp is not the only novelty of the Swedish furniture store. Patent drawings of a “SYMFONISK charging rack”, that is, a Symfonisk series charging rack, have also recently appeared. It’s fueling speculation of another IKEA speaker, and this time wireless. The Symfonsik series is a joint project between IKEA and Sonos and is compatible with your app. With the Sonos Roam and Sonos Move, Sonos has already shown what such a multi-room speaker could look like. These two speakers can also be charged via a docking station.

IKEA Symfonisk Cargo Shelf Sketch
This sketch of a “SYMFONSIK charging rack” appeared on the Internet. It will probably be used to charge a battery powered speaker. | Image: FCC

The Symfonisk series can also be integrated into the IKEA smart home network using a remote control connected to the TRÅDFRI gateway. It’s not yet known if the speaker is a battery-powered version of the IKEA Symfonisk bookshelf speaker or if it’s intended for a separate product entirely. IKEA recently introduced the second generation of bookshelf speakers. So the point in time would be really implausible for another very similar product. Of course, we will keep you informed of all the news.

What do you think of the smart hanging lamp from IKEA? What do you think about the rumored Symfonisk wireless speaker? Tell us in the comments!

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