Knights of Cathena: Lower Bavarian Blockchain Game

Fivefingergames founder Lukas Anetsberger wants to revolutionize the blockchain gaming market with 'Knights of Cathena' (Images: Fivefingergames)
Fivefingergames founder Lukas Anetsberger wants to revolutionize the blockchain gaming market with ‘Knights of Cathena’ (Images: Fivefingergames)

The Bavarian studio Fivefingergames has big plans for its debut: With Knights of Catena a tactical game based on blockchain is created.

In cooperation with the Berlin-based marketing agency ComboStrike, the game startup Fivefingergames, founded in 2019 in Deggendorf in Lower Bavaria, is developing a free-for-all tactics game for PC and mobile devices, which will be released at the beginning of 2023 and in which the federal government has invested almost €120,000.

Special Feature: In Knights of Cathena, players must “beside” Earn money, in the form of the CGLD cryptocurrency (Cathena Gold) and the so-called NFTs, that is, unique and tradable digital goods. Weapons and equipment can be purchased with the generated CGLD coins. Billing is based on the Elrond blockchain variant.

Anticipating that the blockchain and NFT business models will have a limited reputation in the gaming community, Fivefingergames CEO Lukas Anetsberger emphasizes: “For the first time in blockchain gaming, the player’s adventure is at the forefront in every aspect.. For us it’s about having fun. During their time in Knights of Cathena, players shouldn’t even notice that they are actually playing a blockchain game. This is at the core of our transition from a play-to-win economy to a play-to-win economy.”

From the point of view of ComboStrike CEO Christian Szymanski, Lower Bavaria “a great vision for the game”: Unlike many projects in this market segment, Knights of Cathena will primarily be a good game and explicitly “It’s not a money-making gaming machine designed to be ground.” Grinding means: monotonous and prolonged ‘leveling up’ of game characters, mainly with the aim of extending game time and/or making the player invest real money.

Szymanski: “We completely believe in this project and the team, and we will use all of our marketing skills to give Fivefingergames room to breathe and focus on what they are supposed to do here: revolutionize blockchain gaming.”

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