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At ntower, we often take a closer look at gaming headsets, or rather “hear” them. The Master & Dynamics company, which has high-quality headphones from the higher price segment, has now provided us with a product for a test for the first time. But is expensive also better? We asked ourselves this question and took a closer look at the headphones. We not only looked at performance with Nintendo Switch, but also tested the device with PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and a PC.

A point of attraction!

© Master & Dynamic

One thing in advance: my ears are no longer the best after attending a few dozen concerts, band rehearsals at the time, and countless performances, but I still enjoy being able to put high-quality headphones in my ears. Comparing a gaming headset to a high-quality music headset is boring, but since I often expect good sound, I like to do automatic comparisons here. But how should Master & Dynamic be known as a manufacturer? In fact, the brand certainly goes unnoticed by many, which could be because it has so far only been limited to the US. However, for some time now, the products can also be found in our region.

With the Master & Dynamic MG20, you can expect a gaming headset for around 500 euros, which is definitely in a very high purchase price category. As soon as you unbox the headphones, you will find the high-quality packaging and packaging design that always excites me a lot, especially when it comes to electronic products. Yes, I am of the opinion that expensive technology should also be beautifully and sustainably packaged. Therefore, you will find almost no plastic in the packaging. Instead, everything was carefully packed in cardboard material. The scope of delivery is also quickly recognizable: the gaming headset, a low-latency USB dongle for wireless connection, a USB-C to USB-A cable, an optional microphone, a snap-on pop guard, a USB- C to 3.5 mm jack connection cable with included Y-adapter to two jack plugs, to distinguish between headphone and microphone on the PC and a simple cloth bag.

What you have heard so far about the Master & Dynamic company is the high-quality workmanship of the products, and that is exactly what the MG20 has to offer. Not only is there nice padding in the earcup area, there’s also some successful cushioning under the headband so there’s no pain on the top of your head during longer gaming sessions. Unfortunately, I had to go through this experience with other headphones. Fortunately I was saved from this device. A lambskin cover is used for the ear pads and Alcantara for the head padding. The surrounding metal also looks incredibly high quality and offers everything you need to create a successful headset design. The ear cup padding is magnetically attached to the ear cups and can also be replaced if you need new ear cups after heavy use. I promise myself something like that, since most headphones do not offer exchange and in the worst case you have to throw away the entire product.

In general, the hanger seems almost indestructible. This can be bent and stretched widely and always returns to the starting position. Some other earphones would break faster with cheap plastic. But with the MG20 you always notice the high-quality aluminum in the product. Only the external earphones are made of plastic and are rough, but this may be due to handling and grip. And that’s not bad at all, it’s very positive.

If you put the visor on your head, you will find that you can adapt it to the shape of your head without the need for step adjustment, and I love the continuous adjustments, because this way you can find an ideal position. As a wearer of glasses, I found the ergonomics with my ears, glasses and headphones to be particularly good. There was no pressure at all on the temples of my glasses on my head, which can quickly become painful with other products if you wear these headphones for a few hours. Thanks to the well-closed upholstery, the lack of an active noise-canceling function is also not to be emphasized negatively at all, regardless of whether you are wearing glasses or not. During several hours of use, the product is damn comfortable and can be used without any major complications. Even at almost 330 grams, the headset is very light and doesn’t bother you.

Whether by Bluetooth or by cable, the headphones can be connected to any device

But let’s talk about the use of headphones. One thing in advance: yes, you can connect the headset to your Nintendo Switch console via a jack or via Bluetooth. Personally, I am not a fan of Bluetooth headphones at all and as a fan of sound, I always find the loss of quality very annoying. I also found the MG20 connected via Bluetooth to be a bit weaker than the normal wired connection. In addition, there was a slight delay in sound over the Bluetooth connection, so it quickly became clear to me that I really only wanted to use the headphones with a cable. In addition, the manufacturer also offers you a wireless connection via a USB dongle, which is included in the scope of delivery. This works perfectly with PC and PlayStation 5, unfortunately not with Xbox Series X, but the problem seems to be a known one. The wireless connection on the PC basically worked fine, but since I have a few active wireless devices in my home, there were often disconnections. That’s why I decided to continue using the wired version. In pure Bluetooth operation, AAC and aptX HD are supported.

On the headset itself you’ll find a few buttons and controls: volume control for the microphone, including mute, 7.1 mode button, Bluetooth button for connecting to a dongle and Bluetooth-enabled devices, and an LED light that tells you with a color the battery level of the headphones. On the other side you will find a volume control for sound and a button for other things like music. Speaking of battery charge level: thanks to the USB-C connection, you can charge the battery with a power supply or with your PC. Once charged, you can use the earphones for about 20-25 hours. The duration also depends on what you use and how loud you turn the sound up. Equipped with 50mm beryllium-coated drivers, the headphones command an audio universe of their own. There are still headsets out there that are a bit more expensive and a bit better, but the MG20 doesn’t do anything wrong for the price segment and can’t be used just for gaming. I’m also very impressed with the use for listening to music and I like the overall audio image. I still had to work a lot with the equalizers on the PC, but I have this problem with all headphones because I like to work with a sound that I have adjusted myself.

The M&D Connect app gives you minimalist options to make settings.

© Master & Dynamic

The bass isn’t super intrusive, but it’s not too weak either, which I like as a bass lover. Here I like to bring the comparison with the first meeting of a date. It’s better to approach him cautiously and with a little sensitivity than to tie the person to the bed right away. Here the manufacturer manages to create a good feeling with the bass. The middle of the sound and the treble are also reproduced clearly and distinctly. Especially for fans of rock and punk, I find these headphones highly recommended for listening to music and will probably use them for my private recording sessions in my own four walls. Especially with the countless Blink 182 albums, I had fun experiencing the sound again with the MG20. The band works a lot with high and at the same time deep mid tones and vocals. Headphones transmit sound perfectly, this makes listening to music more fun for private purposes!

But what else does the MG20 offer? In addition to normal stereo operation, there is 7.1 sound, for example. Long story short, I’m not a fan of this as it claims to have some directional perception. Although the sound should sound wider, you won’t be happy with Nintendo Switch games. It helps more to use a movie with 7.1 sound or a game that supports it. However, I find the 7.1 sound mostly annoying as I could hear a loss of quality and the specific location is hard to recognize.

There are also a few words to say about the audio input, namely the two microphones. First you have the option to connect the optional boom microphone to your headset and talk to your friends online. The quality is clean, clear and without large interfering signals. If you have connected the headphones via Bluetooth, there is also a built-in microphone, which can also be used perfectly. The built-in version is very suitable for telephony, for example, especially if you have connected the headset to your mobile phone while you are away from home.

If you want to do more settings on your headphones, you can download an app called “M&D Connect” for your smartphone from Google Playstore or AppStore. This not only allows you to easily and easily make EQ adjustments, but also to keep your headphones up-to-date with firmware updates. The app itself is perfectly fine, but I was expecting a bit more with the settings in particular, to be able to configure a bit more with the PC, especially in Bluetooth mode.

All Nintendo fans who are considering buying the headset should not think of using the headset only for the hybrid console. For this purpose it will barely count. However, even with the wired connection, I found the sound from the Nintendo Switch to be very crisp and clear. Everything can also be connected via Bluetooth in the Nintendo Switch settings. There’s minimal sound lag here too, but it’s manageable. However, I am a big fan of the cable version and am more than satisfied with the quality.

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Our online magazine ntower is a member of the affiliate networks Amazon PartnerNet, Awin, Webgains, Media Markt E-Business GmbH and Saturn online GmbH. If you place an order through one of our affiliate links, we receive a variable commission from the respective store operator. There are no additional costs for end customers.


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