Motherboard with Alder Lake-H/-P: 14 hybrid cores from laptop to desktop PC

Image: Intel

With the Meterstone Alder Lake H45, Chinese motherboard manufacturer Maxsun brings the 45+ watt CPUs of the Intel Core-i-12000H series from the laptop to the desktop. Motherboards with welded Tiger Lake-H can also be found in the product portfolio, which is specifically aimed at home gamers.

45 Watt Portable APU for Desktop PC

Like the well-known Twitter user @9550pro it was first reported on the site’s Chinese language forum bright chip published a first photo of the “Maxsun Meterstone Alder Lake H45”, which will succeed the “Meterstone Tiger Lake H45” series models with Core i7-11800H and Core i5-11260H in various versions.

Motherboards with Alder Lake-H45 and -P28

According to information from the Chiphell forum, a total of three basic motherboard configurations should be available and have the following key data:

Maxsun Meterstone Alder Lake H45 Specifications*
  • Core i7-12700H (6P + 8E), 45W+
  • Core i7-12500H (4P + 8E), 45W+
  • Core i7-1260P (4P + 8E), 28W+
  • 2 × DDR4 DIMM slots
  • 1x PCIe 4.0 x16
  • MicroATX

*) not officially confirmed!

The Maxsun Meterstone Alder Lake H45 should hit the Chinese retail market soon in a configuration with a Core i7-12500H with 12 cores (4P+8E) and 16 threads and a Core i7-12700H with 14 cores (6P+8E) and 20 threads. .

A variant with a 28+ watt CPU based on Alder Lake-P is also planned and will be based on a Core i7-1260P.

Maxsun Meterstone Tiger Lake H45 with Core i7-11800H
Maxsun Meterstone Tiger Lake H45 with Core i7-11800H (Image: Maxsun)
Maxsun Meterstone Tiger Lake H45 with Core i7-11800H
Maxsun Meterstone Tiger Lake H45 with Core i7-11800H (Image: Maxsun)

Like the predecessor Maxsun Meterstone Tiger Lake H45, the Meterstone Alder Lake H45 also offers PCIe 4.0 x16 and can be powered by a dedicated graphics card or Intel Xe integrated in the CPU.

Predecessors start at $450

The predecessor with Tiger Lake, which is available from the Chinese retailer at prices starting at around US$450. sold, it can be operated with an MTP (PL2) of up to 109 watts.

Like the manufacturer’s gaming motherboards, the Meterstone Alder Lake H45 is expected to be aimed exclusively at the domestic market.

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