New classes, raids and continents definitely in April and May 2022

from Karsten Schölz
Instead of a concrete roadmap, those responsible for Lost Ark have published a new post on the official website of the online role-playing game, in which they assess the current problems and give a first look at the next content updates for April and May 2022.

We must continue with the details. Roadmap waiting for the months of April and May 2022 in Lost Ark. Instead, there was a new post on the online role-playing game’s official website about the current issues in Arkesia, and this post was about that roadmap, among other things. Mad!

Lost Ark: Gameplay Trailer Showcases New Argos Abyss Raid

Future Content: Roadmap and Skins

  • Currently in the Finalization of plans for the roadmap worked on upcoming content in April and May. After the criticism of the last content patch, this time the developers want to take the necessary time for the analyzes to bring the correct content at the optimal time.
  • The roadmap is intended to provide a preview of the upcoming classes, raids, continents and more content available in April and May. All details of the respective updates can only be found in the associated patch notes when they are released.
  • Many gamers repeatedly express the wish that the developers Skins faster and in greater numbers to post. In fact, there are currently more skins than in Korea at a comparable time after launch. Delivering skins even faster is a challenge, as the skins always have to fit the models of the different classes. The goal of the EU is to release skins that can be worn by players of all classes. The developers want to get more feedback from the community.

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