Pokémon GO: Catch Ditto on April 1

In Pokémon GO there is a joke event on April 1 where you should catch transformed Pokémon. We will show you where to get Ditto and how to solve the task.

What’s in Pokémon GO? The “April, April” 2022 event started promptly at midnight on April 1st. If you look at the map, you will find the transformed Pokémon Ditto in many places. Not right away though, as Ditto disguises itself as other Pokémon.

After a capture, an “Oh?” if the capture was a camouflaged Ditto. After that, he transforms into his current form. Here’s an overview of all of the current Ditto forms that the Transform Pokemon can take.

Catching Transformed Pokémon: Here’s How It’s Done

What is this task? You’ll receive the “Catch Transformed Pokémon” quest as a new Field Research, which will then reward you with an encounter with Ditto.

But you also have to catch Transform Pokémon in the new special research on April 1.

How does it work? Ditto is called a transformed Pokémon. In the following overview, we show you the Pokémon that Ditto can hide behind.

  • challenge
  • nebula
  • of course
  • walking pond
  • finneon
  • yorkleff
  • lithomite
  • spongy

In the following graphic we show you how the corresponding Pokémon look in the game. So you know which of the monsters you have to focus on.

Pokémon GO Ditto forms on April 1
The current Ditto is formed on April 1 in Pokémon GO

Does Shiny Ditto exist? Yes, you can also catch Shiny Ditto in Pokémon GO from the season of practical jokes.

Now how is it? If you find one of the Pokémon on the chart as Shiny, can it turn into Ditto? No. If he finds an iridescent Yorkleff, he cannot turn into a Ditto.

However, a normal Yorkleff can transform into a Ditto, and if you’re lucky, that Ditto will be a Shiny.

updated: Due to a bug, your shinys can now escape you!

How are you enjoying the Ditto event on April 1st? Do you think it’s a good thing that Niantic not only cheats you, but offers the opportunity for many Ditto, or do you see the event as a big joke and expected better? Write us your opinion about the event here at MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers.

In April 2018, Niantic launched a prank event that completely confused all trainers.

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