Pokemon GO: Defeat Giovanni – Best Counters in April 2022

In Pokémon GO you can defeat the Rocket Boss Giovanni with Crypto Latias. In this guide on MeinMMO, we will show you which team to trust and which counters are best for you.

How can you compete against Giovanni? Giovanni is the big Rocket boss who runs the Team GO Rocket underground. From time to time you can fight him in Pokemon GO and get the Legendary Shadow Pokemon from him. But it is not so easy to find.

In order for you to fight the Rocket boss Giovanni, Niantic provides you with certain special research at regular intervals. You have to solve them and you will receive a Super Rocket Radar as a reward, which you can use to track down the bad guy.

With the launch of the Rocket Team Outing event on April 3, 2022, you’ll have another chance to acquire said radar and secure an encounter with Giovanni. It will also have a new team. We have summarized what this looks like below.

Rocket Boss Giovanni – Current team as of April 2022

In April, Giovanni has an almost completely new team. In fights, Giovanni can use three different monsters against you as usual. He can choose between 5 different Crypto Pokémon. The following are already known (via leekduck.com):

first pokemon snobilize
second pokemon Kramshef
third pokemon beats

The best counters to defeat Giovanni

In order for you to take down Giovanni quickly, you need to rely on the right counterattack. We’ve rounded up the best for you below (via pokebattler.com):

Defeat Snobilicate: Best counters against the first Pokemon


First, Giovanni will bet on his beloved Snobilicate. You must use Fighting-type Pokémon against Normal-type Pokémon:

Pokemon move set
Lucario Counter and Aurasphere
(Crypto) Machamp counterattack and hit
(Crypto) Hariyama counterattack and hit
Mostagrif counterattack and hit
mushroom counterattack and hit
terracotta Catapult and Holy Sword

Alternatively, you can also use your Mega Evolutions against Snobilikat:

  • Mega Lopey with Foot Kick and Focus Blast
  • Mega Ampharos with Volt Switch and Focus Blast

Defeat Kramshef: The best counters against the second Pokemon

In second position, Giovanni can choose from a total of three different Pokémon. So far only Kramshef is known. As soon as all the monsters are known, we will of course add them to this article. Which of the three Pokemon Giovanni uses in battle is random.

How to defeat Kramshef: One possible Pokemon you may encounter when fighting Giovanni is the Shadow and Flying Pokemon Kramshef. Due to its typing, it is weak against Rock, Electric, Ice, and Fairy-type attacks.

Pokemon move set
(Crypto) Snibunna Ice fragments and avalanche
(Crypto) Aerodactyl throwing stones and hail
(Cryptocurrencies) Zapdos Thunder Crash and Thunder
(Crypto) Elevoltek Thunder Crash and Thunder
(Crypto) Raikou Thunder Crash and Thunder
rameidon Catapult and stone hail

Your mega developments are also useful against Kramshef, so you should use the following:

  • Mega Aerodactyl with Stone Toss and Stone Hail
  • Mega Voltense with Thunderfang and Electrocution
  • Mega Ampharos with charge beam and thunder

Defeat Crypto Latias: Best counters against the third Pokemon


Lastly, you will meet the Legendary Pokémon Crypto Latias. This one comes from the 3rd generation and belongs to the Dragon and Psycho type. This makes it weak against Dark, Ghost, Ice, Bug, Dragon, and Fairy-type attacks.

Pokemon move set
(Crypt) Dragonite dragon wand and tantrum
(Crypto) Brutalande dragon wand and tantrum
(Crypto) Snibunna conference and avalanche
(Crypto) despot bite and crunch
darkrai Conference and aura of the fingers
(Crypto) Mewtwo Psycho Blade and Spook Ball

Alternatively, you can also rely on the following mega developments:

  • Mega Gengar with Dark Claw and Spook Ball
  • Mega demon dog with conference and freeloader
  • Mega Gyarados with bite and crunch

Is fighting Giovanni worth it?

As with any other Team GO Rocket member, you will also receive various rewards from Giovanni after winning a battle, such as items or stardust. But that’s not enough, because you can also expect an encounter with a Crypto Pokémon. Currently, it is the Legendary Shadow Pokémon Latias.

In addition, Giovanni has reserved a special 12 km egg for you. These eggs can only be obtained from Rocket bosses, which makes them more difficult to obtain. We show you what monsters are in the 12 km eggs in our related article.

Which monsters do you prefer to use in the fight against Giovanni? Write us here at MeinMMO in the comments.

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