Pokémon GO: No joke – Today you can lose Shinys

The trainers in Pokémon GO are angry because the shiny ones escape them. Apparently, Niantic forgot to properly time a Ditto quest. That really shouldn’t happen.

What is happening in Pokémon GO? Today, April 1, there is a Ditto event in Pokémon GO. The chances of Transforming Pokémon are higher, there is a special research and a special field research. Some trainers report that there is a bug with the event.

Although the Shiny Pokemon shouldn’t be able to turn into Ditto, that’s exactly what’s happening now. We’ll show you what’s going on and what to watch out for.

Shinys turn normal Ditto

That’s the problem: Trainers are reporting on reddit and Twitter that their Shiny Pokémon are turning into Ditto. A mechanism that really shouldn’t work at all. Niantic made it very clear that if you catch a Shiny, it can never turn into a Ditto. On the other hand, if you catch a normal Pokémon that can transform into Ditto, you might get a Shiny Ditto.

But that is exactly what is happening now. MeinMMO reader Mel brought a clip to our attention on Twitter. In the clip, a trapped Shiny Lithomith transforms into a normal Ditto. We insert the clip for you here:

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Another trainer shows a video on reddit. There he meets a Shiny Nebulak, which later transforms into a Ditto.

In the comments, other trainers point out that this shouldn’t happen at all and that it’s probably Niantic’s mistake.

when this happens According to previous reports from Trainers, this happens when you come across a Pokemon that can transform into Ditto from Field Research. As in the examples with Nebulak and Lithomith. The problem probably does not occur with wild catches.

Apparently this mechanism is not wanted, because it is not Niantic’s goal to take away your rare Shinys again. It is not yet clear how affected players will be compensated. In the comments on reddit it is assumed that Niantic simply forgot to time the mission with Ditto in such a way that players don’t lose glitters.

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