PS5 Ticker: The situation of PlayStation 5 on April 1, 2022

The PS5 Ticker by GamesWirtschaft
The PS5 Ticker by GamesWirtschaft

If you want to buy a PS5 on April 1, you need strong nerves: dealers and social media managers have mined big cracks in the joke mine.

PS5 traffic light: where you can currently buy the PlayStation 5

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Dealer List Germany / Dealer List Austria

Main PlayStation 5 news in April / May / June 2022

Our readers’ current favorite PS5 games:

PS5 + green electricity + PS Plus + Horizon: Forbidden West - now with E as simple (ad)
PS5 + Green Power + PS Plus + Horizon: Forbidden West – now with E for Easy (ad)


All offers are valid while stocks last (advance sale possible):

  • COMPETITION Telekom is giving away three digital editions of PlayStation 5 (registration closing date: April 10, 2022)
  • REDUCED COPAYMENT playstation 5 with Horizon: Forbidden West and 12 months of PlayStation Plus for an additional payment of €299 – now with the ‘E wie SIMPLIFIED’ green electricity and gas rate.
  • PRICE DISCOUNT PlayStation 5 Console Covers / Interchangeable Side Panels (Faceplates) in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red at Amazon
  • Dual Sense Controller in Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple; order now at Amazon, MediaMarkt, Saturn
  • Current PS5 market prices on Ebay
  • The most popular new PS5 games on Amazon

We are very happy if our daily reports helped you with your console purchase. You can find our coffee editorial record at PayPal – Thank you very much and have fun with PlayStation 5!

Always well informed: Twitter is our fastest social media channel: We regularly point out PS5 sales campaigns at German retailers there.

Update April 1, 2022 (11:30 am): Unfortunately, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, but rather bitter seriousness: Several readers have pointed out newly opened fake shops advertising on social media platforms. Both the URL and the website use the ‘GameStop’ brand to mislead potential customers.

Hence today’s clear message: GameStop is selling the PlayStation 5 no on the net: a supposed GameStop online store that pretends that you can order the PS5 only wants one thing: your money. Anyone who transfers can cancel both: carbon and console.

Message of April 1, 2022 (9:15 am): “1. April and so on… PS5 Drop with us today. We hope you guys had a lot of laughs.”

Euronics tweeted this on Friday morning. Serious. You’ll have to get used to similar reports in the next few hours: In editorial offices, PR and social media departments, April Fools’ crisis teams have been meeting for what seems like weeks in the race for the most absurd tweet.

What we can already promise you: GamesWirtschaft will remain an April Fools’ Day free zone; if we report a drop, then it is one.

The odds are fifty and fifty. We’re particularly keeping an eye out for those distributors who haven’t been supplied with PS5 palettes by Sony for some time and are now simply ‘at it’ again. This applies, for example, to Otto*, Alternate* and Euronics*. That MediaMarkt, Saturn, Amazon*Medimax or Müller again a few days apart, we think quite unlikely; Of course, nothing can be ruled out in these wild times.

With minimal delay, Wednesday’s Amazon drop still hits Ebay*: Almost 400 devices are installed on the platform this morning. A look at the ‘Ending soon’ filter shows that a “brand new” PlayStation 5 disc edition will still cost between €750 and €800. As long as margins of up to €300 can be achieved compared to the regular purchase price and as long as retailers do not take more effective protective measures, little will change in this unsatisfactory situation.

We can understand that the word “usury” comes to mind with these rates. In the legal sense, however, it’s not loan sharking because game console sellers don’t take advantage of an emergency, unlike greedy locksmiths, credit brokers, or landlords. Even a fictitious price of €2,000 would still be the result of limited supply and high demand. Therefore, it is not to be expected that Ebay, Ebay classifieds, Amazon Marketplace, Kaufland & Co. intervene in the market to regulate it.

If you want to buy a PS5 on Ebay, you should definitely pay attention to these tips.

No one knows how long PS5 supplies from energy provider E wie Einfach* will last; like DSL and mobile providers, offer may be disconnected without notice. But there are still products available at the moment: if you sign a green gas/electricity supply contract, you get a PlayStation 5 with 12 months of PS Plus and Horizon: Forbidden West. Once the additional payment of €299 has been transferred, the delivery time is two weeks. Details and conditions can be found on the campaign page*.

The Sunday following next week (April 10) the Deutsche Telekom* PS5 giveaway ends: the winners of three PS5 digital editions will then be drawn. Good luck!

When has PlayStation 5 been sold by which retailer since September 2021 (as of March 22, 2022)
When has PlayStation 5 been sold by which retailer since September 2021 (as of March 22, 2022)

Please let us know by email when you can receive your PlayStation 5 pre-order or when you can pick it up. When you bring your newly arrived console to TwitterInstagram and Facebook, feel free to link GamesWirtschaft or use the hashtag #PS5 landed – this is the fastest way to find you.

Buy PS5: Our watch list in March 2022 (green = drops have taken place)

GamesWirtschaft PS5 Ticker Instructions

  • The PS5 ticker has a weekday format. Media: From Monday to Friday there is a new edition, so you will only find the latest developments in the article of the respective day.
  • The PS5 ticker is updated several times a day – We strive to keep an eye on all important developments in the German-speaking market.
  • As soon as at least one medium-sized PS5 contingent is unlockedwe will first inform you about our twitter channel.
  • Do you have advice, questions or suggestions? You can contact the editors through a comment, TwitterFacebook or email.
  • Please don’t fall for fake stores: You can find a list of reputable and therefore reliable Sony business partners at GamesWirtschaft (Germany / Austria)
  • We’re glad our coverage helped you buy the console. If you wish, you can find our digital editorial coffee registration on PayPal, completely optional of course. Thank you very much!

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