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Apple was recently ordered to allow developers to redirect users to third-party payment platforms instead of requiring the App Store’s in-app purchase system. Now there are more indications of the implementation of the requirement. 9to5Mac discovered that in the current beta version of iOS 15.5, users are warned if they uninstall apps that support external payment methods.

Support for external payments on iOS

Apple recently made several changes to the App Store that allow external payment options and links to external websites for purchase purposes. As part of these changes, Apple is adding support and warnings for third-party purchases in iOS 15.5.

Since last week, Apple has allowed reader app developers to opt in to an external link permission, which allows apps to provide a link to a web page so users can create or manage an account outside of Apple. the App Store. Reading apps include apps that provide digital content such as magazines, newspapers, books, audio files, music or video as the main function of the app, such as Spotify, Netflix and other apps.

The latest beta version of Apple’s operating system adds support for the new permission that apps use to indicate that they allow the user to make external purchases. For example, if the user removes an app that offers external purchases, iOS now displays a warning that purchases and subscriptions cannot be managed through the App Store.

While the App Store allows users to manage all of their purchases in one place, Apple has no control over what users purchase outside of its platform, so it’s important to remind users of that. The attached warning says:

“External purchases of [Name der App] may still exist. You can’t manage or cancel third-party purchases through the App Store. For more information, contact the developer.”

The internal iOS code also shows that Apple implements another warning that appears when the user opens an app that offers external purchases for the first time.

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